Newlyweds become one at the altar; here are storage tips so they have room for two at home.

Congratulations! You’ve found Mr./Mrs. Right and have begun your new life. You had enough stuff before you got married and as you write another thank you card you wonder where you will put all of the stuff. Well, abundance is an easier problem to deal with than need. Here are some storage tips to manage your belongings.

Decide what to keep

Newlyweds probably don’t need backup coffeemakers, microwave ovens, or kitchenware. Look over your duplicate items and decide what will work best for both of you. What items are newer? Easier to use? Have more memories? Be ready to compromise – after all, in five years you’ll probably end up replacing it anyway. On to more storage tips!

Sell or giveaway?

You were fortunate enough to have more than what you needed – so what do you do with the rest? The obvious options are easy – give or sell. You might know friends who need a toaster or have room for that recliner. If you’ve moved to a new area and don’t know many people, there are charities that would love to be able to provide those less fortunate with your surplus housing items. If you are going to deduct the value of your donation, ask for a receipt for your taxes.

Need the extra cash? Selling stuff, whether online, in newspaper classifieds or during a yard sales take a lot more time and energy than you think. If you need to max out your assets, make sure to clean them and make any minor repairs that need to be made. Take quality photos and show details. Look at completed eBay auctions for similar items to find a reasonable price. Yard sales are easier and more fun when several people are there to help.

On the other hand…

Most of us don’t have the room to easily store everything we’d like to keep. You might look at self storage as an option. A storage unit close to your home will allow you to store whatever doesn’t fit at home. A clean, well-maintained self storage center will eliminate clutter at home!

Which toaster would you keep? Which color would you return or give away?