Plumber pipes up about his Secaucus storage Unit

It was the bottom line that made Michael Murphy a StorageMart customer but great customer service has kept him a customer for six years at his Secaucus storage unit.

“I was tired of paying so much for a warehouse,” said the owner of Plumbing Stars, LLC, who thought there had to be a less expensive way to store his plumbing inventory. He found the answer with storage service at StorageMart’s Secaucus location. “I was paying $3,000 a month for the old warehouse; now, I’m just paying $350 a month.”

Murphy started by renting a 10×20 unit, where he stored parts for his business that didn’t fit on his trucks. “I stored ladders, pipe, pipe fittings and whatever else I needed to fix my customers’ problems and keep them happy. I looked elsewhere but this was the only storage place that wasn’t in a flood area. I felt safe storing my tools and supplies at StorageMart,” said the veteran plumber, “and the location is only six minutes away from my home.” Tough to beat that!

The StorageMart staff works hard to make sure Murphy remains a loyal customer and provide the service he depends on. “Kevin is great and he keeps the place super clean. And he made sure that I had 24 hour-a-day access to my Secaucus storage unit. Plumbing problems are never pleasant and they are even worse late at night or early in the morning. I never have to turn a customer away because I can’t access my tools.”

When the downturn in the economy affected his business, Murphy was quickly able to reduce his overhead by moving into a 10×10 unit. Monthly leases gave him flexibility that he wouldn’t have had at his old warehouse. “The climate-controlled unit I have is just the fit my business needs right now.”

But Murphy’s story isn’t unique. “I’ve been here for more than 15 years and I can tell you we treat all of our customers the same,” said store manager Kevin Marcella. “We bend over backwards for all our customers.”

Many service businesses benefit from self storage, from pharmaceutical representatives to staging companies to e-commerce companies. But Murphy reaffirms the best reason to rent storage service at StorageMart: “They’re a great bunch of people.”