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Creative Retail Store interior Design Ideas

Retail isn’t what it used to be.

Consumers now have the choice of staying at home and shopping on their devices or making the trip to your store.

Why would they choose the latter? Because they are looking for an experience, not just a purchase. And with a little creativity and effort, that’s exactly what you can give them.

Embracing Retail Store Interior Design

If you have a retail operation, it’s probably because you love what you’re selling. You believe in what you’re selling. The design of your store needs to convey that passion to your customers.

Before you get out your paint brush or hammer, take a minute to think about who your tribe is. Imagine the customers you see coming into your store. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Walk into your store and try to see it with fresh eyes or—even better—recruit an honest friend or two to do the same.

Retail Store Design Ideas

Once you know your tribe, you’re ready to tell your story. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Embrace color. Just like you use pops of color in your home, you should also be using them in your retail space. Base your color choices on the types of customers you are trying to attract. If you sell cupcakes or baby clothes, keep your space light and whimsical. But if you sell exercise equipment, make sure you choose invigorating, exciting hues. Consider coming up with a “brand palette” and using it for both your logo and your retail space.
• Create a focal point. This one simple move can increase sales by up to 229 percent, according to The Balance Small Business. This should be one area in your store that is easily visible and attracts the attention of shoppers. You can use lighting, risers, color, signs, and even props. Just remember to keep it simple, leaving the customer plenty of room to interact with the product.
• Be different; be you. Don’t try to copy what a national retailer is doing. And don’t feel confined to follow the norms in your industry. This is your store, your brand, and your story. Today’s customers are looking for an experience—and only you can create an authentic experience for your retail space. Shop antique stores for creative ways to display your product, if you like that idea. Or keep your store ultra-modern and sleek. There is no wrong answer in the world of retail today, as long as you’re creating a unique and authentic shopping experience.

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