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RV Storage: How to Choose the Best Storage Option

It’s no exaggeration to say that your RV is your faithful companion. It’s traversed the country with you and your loved ones, covering countless miles and taking in some truly memorable sights.

But it’s a different story back home. Your RV sits idle in the driveway or yard with only a tarp to protect it against the elements. In the springtime and fall, it’s not so bad. But summer heat and winter weather are unforgiving. Is it time to think about a more robust storage solution for your cherished motorhome?

The Benefits of Indoor RV Storage

RVs are built to last—but they’re also built to be on the move most of the time. That means they need extra protection during the long off-seasons between excursions. Unfortunately, lightweight covers simply aren’t enough to fend off nature’s more extreme conditions: snow, hail, humidity, high winds.

An outdoor parking unit is the next step up as long as it’s safe, secure, and fully covered. In fact, your RV won’t only be protected against the elements: it will likely be monitored 24/7, and off-limits to anyone but you. Plus, you’ll free up a lot of space on your property and boost your curb appeal.

But indoor storage is the best way to keep your RV in tip-top shape when you’re not on the open road. At some StorageMart locations, you’ll find drive-up RV storage units that are spacious, accessible, temperature-controlled, and secured by a unique PIN code. The result? Your guaranteed peace of mind between excursions.

How to Choose an Indoor Storage Unit for Your RV

  1. SIZE: Carefully measure the dimensions of your RV, including the height. Your storage unit should exceed these dimensions by several feet on each side—especially if you plan to store accessories and components you won’t need until your motorhome is rolling again, such as camping gear. Also consider access: will you be able to easily maneuver through the facility and reverse your RV into place?
  2. LOCATION: How often will you need to store, retrieve, or check on your RV? If it’s regularly, you should prioritize a storage facility that’s close to home. If you only intend to store and retrieve your motorhome once or twice a season, consider looking further afield for a facility that offers every feature you want (and a price you like!).
  3. FACILITIES: Do you need an electrical supply in your storage unit? Covered loading bays? Climate control? The ability to accept deliveries at your unit instead of at your home? All of these factors should be considered in your decision.
  4. ACCESSIBILITY: Opening hours, unique PIN codes, on-site managers… If you think you may need to access or retrieve your RV at short notice, make sure your chosen storage facility is able to oblige.

Indoor RV Storage at StorageMart

Your motorhome should always be your pride and joy, not a cause for worry. You’ll enjoy your adventures even more when you know you can bring your RV home to a safe, secure, well-lit, and even climate-controlled storage unit.

At most StorageMart locations, you’ll find convenient, drive-up storage units that are big enough for you to park your RV for as long as you need. It will be out of sight, out of mind, and completely safe and sound—until the road calls you again.

Don’t let storage concerns compromise your RV fun. Give us a call today to ask about sizes and pricing.