Save Time in Spring with Winter Cleaning

Snow. When you hear that word, are you immediately filled with dismay that the world is once again being blanketed in white mush? Or perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum; perhaps you’re instantly filled with wonder and excitement just like when you were a child!

No matter how you feel about wintry weather, when the roads are slick with ice and the sky is yucky, you’ll probably avoid going out as much as possible. A little winter cleaning can help you pass the time on the dreary days. While many people associate spring with house cleaning, winter actually affords us the perfect time to clean and organize our homes. A day spent hibernating from the cold may seem perfect for watching Netflix on the couch, but devoting it to winter cleaning can be vastly more productive.

You probably have your own “system” for cleaning your home. Maybe your system is to clean everything monthly, or do each room on a set schedule.  Maybe even the “How Bad Can We Let Things Get” game! However, you can also make it into a game, and get the whole family involved in the cleaning process. Write down each room on a piece of paper and place all of the pieces of paper into a cup. Have one of your children draw out one piece and that is the room that you clean first. If you make cleaning into a game, you may be surprised how excited you can get your children involved. Try to find a job that your children can help you with or are able to do by themselves. Small tasks such as dusting, wiping down windows, or picking up toys can be good jobs for children, depending on their age range. Just be sure to supervise any cleaning chemicals that may be used.

With the whole family involved not only are you getting your home clean and organized, but you are spending time together. Hopefully, making it a team effort will help the cleaning and organizing get done in no time at all and before the snow melts you will once again have a clutter-free home.

Once the roads are cleared and the regular responsibilities of life catch up to you, you can haul all of those boxes and items that need to be organized to your self storage unit. Winter cleaning may not be the most enjoyable cold-climate pastime, but in the end, you’ll appreciate having the chores out of the way so that you can enjoy the nicer days when they roll around.