How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

We all know the difference a good night’s sleep can make. We’re happier, more productive, kinder, and more efficient.

And, yet, most of us don’t do everything we can to promote top-notch sleep. We get busy doing other things—and don’t want to spend the time or the money on ourselves.

Just like the oxygen mask on the airplane, however, you’ve got to be functioning at your best if you want to be able to give your best to those around you.

Start with the Bed

A good mattress is, quite simply, the foundation for a good night’s sleep. If your mattress is over 10 years old, ask yourself if it still feels supportive and comfortable.

The next step is to make sure your sheets are 100 percent cotton (which is more breathable than polyester). The same goes for your comforter or duvet.

Lastly, if you feel like nighttime is always a tug-of-war, consider the option of making your bed with two separate blankets for you and your spouse, which is commonly done in some European countries. It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

Pay Attention to the Light and Temperature in the Room

Think about all of the things that emit light in your bedroom (even if turned off)—your alarm clock, your cell phone, your television. Does your bedroom face east? Are there streetlights outside your window?

Research shows that a dark and cool bedroom (about 65 degrees or about 10 degrees cooler than you keep your house during the day) lead to a better night’s sleep for most people.

That could mean putting your TV and cable box in an armoire, getting black-out drapes, hiding your alarm clock from view, or even wearing a sleep mask.

Remove Distractions

Is there a pile of unfolded laundry on a chair in your room? Is your nightstand stacked with old magazines? Is there an unused exercise bike in the corner?

Research shows that clutter can raise our stress levels, which is not exactly conducive to sleep. That’s because clutter is a constant visual reminder of unfinished work.

Nearby Self Storage Facility

If your home is simply too small for all of your stuff, you have three choices—get rid of some of your possessions, move into a larger home, or find more storage space.

At StorageMart, we offer clean, well-lit storage units in a variety of sizes—all of which can be rented on a month-to-month basis. Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.

Getting your clutter under control can make both your nights and your days more peaceful, restorative, and relaxing.