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Hello Spring! Here’s How to Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home—and it’s also the room that gets the dirtiest and, thus, has the most to clean.

Sure, you wipe down your counters every day, but what about the grout, the inside of your microwave, and behind the fridge.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

Before you get into your actual spring cleaning, take a moment to make sure that the dishwasher and garbage are empty, and any clutter is put away. You may also want to have a large box ready for items you’ll want to donate. Finally, turn on some music and get going.

  • Throw all curtains, mats, and dish towels in the wash. They should be ready to put back by the time your cleaning is finished.
  • Working one drawer or cabinet at a time, take all items out and wipe down. Get rid of anything you no longer use or that no longer works. Organize and return items.
  • Wipe down the exteriors of all cabinetry, including the undersides and tops of cabinets, as well as any glass panels you may have. Don’t forget to clean the knobs and pulls.
  • Clean anything that stays out on your counters, including utensil holders, knife blocks, and toasters (empty the crumb tray). Decalcify your coffee maker by running it with a mixture of half water and half white vinegar, followed by a brew with just water. If you only use your blender or juicer once a year, store it somewhere else. Don’t forget to wipe down your fruit bowl and paper towel dispenser.
  • Clean your counters and reseal stone countertops if indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Wipe down your backsplash. Fill a spray bottle with 1/4-cup baking soda, 2 tablespoons dish soap and two cups water. Spray it on tile and wipe. Use a toothbrush to clean grout.
  • Tackle appliances by cleaning the insides of your oven and microwave. Take everything out of your fridge and freezer (one at a time) and wipe them down. Clean shelves and drawers. Vacuum appliance vents. If possible, clean underneath appliances. Polish or wipe down the exteriors of appliances.
  • Clean all light switches and lights.
  • Deep clean sink.
  • Sweep and wash the floor. If you have tile, scrub the grout. Wipe down baseboards and kickplates.
  • Deep clean your cooktop by removing all burners and knobs and cleaning underneath.
  • Organize your pantry by throwing away any food that’s expired. Go through your spice rack while you’re at it.
  • Wash windows and window sills.
  • Iron and rehang any window treatments. Replace dish towels that are worn or stained. Get rid of any cookbooks you don’t use anymore.
  • Make yourself a nice glass of tea or coffee, have a seat, and enjoy your sparkling kitchen—at least until your spouse, children, or pets mess it up again.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning & StorageMart

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