Start Fresh in 2016

At the close of a crazy year, we have an opportunity to look into the future with clear eyes, wipe the slate clean, and start fresh in 2016. You may look back at 2015 with fond memories or you could look back and cringe, but however you see the past, the future is rife with new possibilities. The question now, is where do you go from here? How can you be sure to make a good start in 2016? Here are some ideas:

Look Back

What was your year like in 2015? Take a good hard look at your year. Look at your decisions, look at where you were, look at your results. Were you happy? Did you wake up every morning and look forward to your day? How was your job? Did it fulfill you or did it just take you away from your family physically and emotionally? It is important to dig deep and ask yourself hard questions. You have a fresh start ahead of you, so focus in and figure out what was holding you back from having the best year of your life in 2015. Once you’ve identified what was holding you back, you get the chance to break through those walls and take the next step in being prepared for an awesome new year.

Decide what you want

Before you can start on building up the best year ever, you have to discover what it is you want. What will make your year wonderful? Maybe you deserve to work harder. You might just want to spend more time with those you love. It may be that where you’re living isn’t serving you and your family and it’s time for a move. Whatever it is, make a decision on what you are going to need this year for you to become your best self. Once you decide what you want you can move on to how to get there.

Create Goals

This may seem extremely cliché, but setting goals for the new year is actually helpful. There are a few things that have to be done, though, for these goals to stick.

1. Set realistic goals

Before you can really get the most out of your goals, they absolutely must be realistic and achievable. The best way to set yourself up for failure is to make a goal that you can’t actually reach. When deciding what your new beginning is going to be reaching for, take account of your finances, your abilities, and your willingness to change. Don’t try to quit smoking if you don’t actually want to quit. You have to have the means, the ability and the drive to get the outcome you are aiming for.

2. Set long and short term goals

This one is really important. Having short term goals will keep you on track for reaching your big goals. If you’re going to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year, start by losing five pounds. If you want to get a new position, start by updating your resume. It’s the small steps that make the big one seem easier.

3. Write them down

Commit to your new goals by writing them down. You can do even better and tell others about your goals. When you commit to yourself you can engrain it deeper into your mind by reading it and by hearing it said out loud. It will make your commitment stronger as you strengthen your connection to your goal.

Make space for the new

Finally, after you’ve figured out what you wanted and set the steps to get there, there is one step that will make all the difference. Make space in your life for the new things you want. This applies in every facet of your day to day grind. If you want a new position, get rid of the old one. Apply for the position you want and commit to getting it then get the old job out of the way. If you need to move, put your house up for sale. It sets things in motion for your move to come to fruition.

Even if your changes aren’t drastic, you can still use this tip. Making space in your life for the things that really matter to you can be a freeing experience. De-clutter your home and put your extra things into storage until you have space for them again. Clear out your garage to create the space for the new car or whatever it is. Simplifying your life and your space will make room for your new changes and provide a good momentum to get things moving as you spring into the new year.