Storage Auction Hunter Looking for an Offer She Can’t Refuse

This winter has left ample opportunity for binge TV watching.  It was during a marathon session of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” that something really grabbed our attention.

A woman entered the pawn shop with a jewelry box she claims was used as a background prop in the film “The Godfather.” Now a few cinephiles in our home office believe the first Godfather film to be the greatest movie of all times. So the prospect of owning an actual artifact from the film is intriguing. It gets better…

In relating the story of how she came to own the jewelry box, the woman revealed she’s a professional storage auction buyer and found the box in a unit. An actual prop from “The Godfather”? Abandoned in a storage unit? It just goes to prove once again, you never what you may find in a storage auction.

Unfortunately she and the boys in the shop couldn’t come together on a price, but we have no doubt a lover of fine cinema will soon be making her an offer she can’t refuse.

**Photo courtesy of Fran Kass “Lady Locks 58”