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How Self Storage Can Help Small Businesses Grow

The old ways of doing business are changing. It’s not enough simply to offer goods or services. The public wants a genuine business that cares about giving back. The Monthly Tee Club has started their fast-growing business based on a desire to spread creativity and help others along the way—and has done so with the help of small business self storage.

With their #Tee4aTeeProject, the Tee Club was able to connect with potential customers in creative ways. “We like to think that we are providing a model for businesses of the future whereby they can satisfy their profit requirements while also engaging with their local community in a meaningful way,” said owner Rick Chebrika.

Scaling and Small Business Success

At Monthly Tee Club, you share your interests with them, and they mail you a T-shirt once a month that is unique, just like your interests. In the process they also pledge to donate clothes to the homeless for every month you’re a member. It’s a real pay it forward (or Store it Forward as we like to say) mentality that has grown immensely since 2015.

They’re also taking full advantage of an ability to scale their business without increasing their physical footprint. Ask anyone who studies the landscape of businesses, and they’ll tell you it’s a new golden age for entrepreneurs. With services like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, using technology to scale your customer base is easier than ever.

But to fill orders continually and keep growing, you’ll need extra space to spread out. Small business self storage allows you to expand your inventory options while retaining flexibility. The self storage industry has played a little-known but very important role in the growth of online retailers, allowing start-up businesses like The Monthly Tee Club to thrive.

Self Storage is Your Business Partner

According to the Self Storage Association, an estimated 20% of all self storage customers in the UK alone are home to successful online retailers and other businesses benefiting from the extra space. We’re proud to say we have several businesses that take advantage of benefits like no contracts and more than 30 storage sizes—only renting the exact amount of extra space they need for the precise length of time they need it.
Where can your business grow with the help of small business self storage? Let us help! Find a storage unit near you and lock in a discount today.

Updated February 13, 2020