Storage Options During Military Deployment

Why Long Term Storage Options Are Great for Military

Joining the military often involves travel, either to training or on deployment, and requires significant planning prior to leaving. One question you may ask is what to do with your belongings during long absences? If you live alone and don’t have family or friends that are able to store the contents of your house or apartment, it may be beneficial to store your items in a storage unit if you are going to be away for long periods of time.

Storage Units are Affordable

One of the primary benefits of renting a storage unit during training or deployment is the cost effectiveness. Leasing an apartment or house is generally much more expensive than a storage unit, with the latter often a fraction of the cost. If you are going on a length deployment and want to save some money, you can store your belongings and retrieve them upon your return. You can also authorize friends or family on the account if you want them to be able to access your things while you’re away. A storage unit is also a great option if you need a little extra space to keep your house or apartment from feeling cluttered.

Renting from StorageMart is Easy

When you’re preparing to go on deployment or to head out to a lengthy training segment, convenient and easy preparations are appreciated. StorageMart makes it easy to rent a unit online, make online payments, and find the right size unit for your belongings. You can also set up 24/7 access with your store manager if you need to be able to get into your unit outside of regular business hours.