StorageMart Makes Bold Move to Position for Growth

On Friday, August 28, 2015, StorageMart announced major changes within the company including the parting of former Chief Marketing Officer and Call Center Director, Tron Jordheim; a new Sales Resource Center division; and the promotion of three new executives: Lucia Darnell, Director of the Sales Resource Center; Sarah Little-Chittum, Director of Digital Marketing; Nicholas Confer, Director of Digital Marketing Analytics.

Unveiling StorageMart’s Sales Resource Center

After 15 years of service, Tron Jordheim left the company to pursue other opportunities. Cris Burnam, President at StorageMart says, “We salute Tron’s creativity and wish him the best in future endeavors.”

Mr. Burnam went on to say, “StorageMart is ready for the future and we are preparing for significant growth. We want to be the most dynamic and customer-oriented company in the storage industry by creating a new StorageMart Sales Resource Center (SRC).  StorageMart’s new SRC will provide telephone services to StorageMart locations on an exclusive basis.

It was with pleasure that StorageMart introduced Lucia Darnell as the new Director of the Sales Resource Center. Lucia has been working for StorageMart’s subsidiary call center, PhoneSmart, in an integral role for over 10 years and has an active role in the self storage industry.

PhoneSmart Partners with OpenTech Alliance

Alongside the unveiling of the new Sales Resource Center, StorageMart also announced that its subsidiary, PhoneSmart, is merging with OpenTech Alliance to create the INSOMNIAC LIVE call center, and INSOMNIAC LIVE will transition all of PhoneSmart’ third party calls to its advanced technology platform over the next several months.

“We feel that by combining the best both call centers have to offer in terms of experience, best practices, technology, people and processes we can build the highest quality call center in the self storage industry”, commented Robert A. Chiti, OpenTech President and CEO.

PhoneSmart and OpenTech Alliance look forward to meeting with current and potential clients at the upcoming Self Storage Association Fall Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV, where representatives for both companies will be available at the PhoneSmart booth on the trade show floor.

StorageMart Prepares for Greater Gains

Mr. Burnam’s vision to continue StorageMart’s significant growth as an international self-storage provider drives his commitment to preparing the company for growth. The company announced a revamping of the StorageMart Marketing Department.

Sarah Little-Chittum was named the Director of Digital Marketing alongside Nicholas Confer, named Director of Digital Marketing Analytics.

Sarah and Nick have worked for StorageMart for over 11 and 6 years, respectively. They are a dynamic team and spearheaded the company’s new website, launched this past July. They look forward to applying innovative strategies to continue StorageMart’s success.

Sarah holds her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Walden University, and also serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association.

Nick holds his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics, from the University of Missouri. He is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys being active in the start-up community.