How StorageMart Keeps Your Storage Unit Safe and Secure

Let’s face it: We have a lot of stuff! When looking around your home, you have furniture, appliances, family heirlooms, and electronics. In your garage or shed, you have yard equipment, vehicles, and sports equipment.

And to be completely honest, this list doesn’t even include other items like toys, books, kitchen supplies, and important tax documents. In short, there’s a lot in your home!

If you’re relocating or just need more space in your house, you obviously want a place where you can safely store your belongings until you need them again. But many of your valuables and belongings also have sentimental or financial value, so you don’t want to store them just anywhere.

If you’re searching for a safe place to store your belongings that isn’t your own home, a StorageMart self storage unit can do just the trick. Here’s how we keep our storage units safe and secure, so you can sleep soundly knowing your belongings are well protected and looked after when you’re not there.

1. Keypad Access

Many of our storage facilities come with keypad entry access. Why? Well, for starters, we don’t want just anyone waltzing in and out of our storage facilities. We also know you don’t want strangers poking around your storage unit, either. Keypad access ensures that only our staff members and customers can come and go whenever they need to.

2. Gated and Fenced Facilities

Some of our storage facilities are gated and fenced in, as well. Similar to keypad access, our gates and fences are another way we protect against the wrong people getting into our facilities. We know how devastating it would be if someone broke into your storage unit, so this is another preventative measure we’ve taken to protect your valuables when you store them in one of our storage units.

24-Hour Video Surveillance

Okay, so keypad access, gates, and fences are all good. But you may be wondering what happens if someone manages to get passed all of that. Our solution to this question is we use 24-hour video surveillance at many of our storage facilities.

We know if you had it your way, you’d have an eye on your belongings at all times. Since that isn’t possible, 24-hour surveillance is the next best thing! Our video surveillance can give you peace of mind that your belongings are being carefully looked after when you’re not there.

Bright Lighting

What if you have to go to your storage unit on a cloudy day or at night? It’s completely natural to feel nervous or uneasy about entering a storage unit – or any room, for that matter – in darkness. At StorageMart, we have invested in bright lighting throughout our storage facilities, so you can safely and easily see your surroundings and find what you’re looking for in your storage unit.

And remember, our store employees are always willing to walk you to and from your storage unit if that will help you feel more comfortable.

Our Store Employees

Speaking of our employees, we couldn’t provide safe and secure storage units without them! Our high-quality customer service is more than just answering your questions and helping you rent a storage unit. We are extremely dedicated to the communities, families, and businesses we serve, which means looking after our customers’ best interests.

Our employees get to know each and every one of our customers, which helps them more easily identify someone who doesn’t belong and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Our vigilant store employees are motivated to keep your belongings safe and sound, just as much as you are!

Keep Your Belongings Safe with StorageMart

We know how difficult it can be to trust your home belongings and family heirlooms to someone else. That’s why we’ve focused on incorporating features like key pad access and 24-hour surveillance to our storage facilities to help you feel more comfortable storing your valuables with us.

If you’re looking for safe, secure self storage during a home move or to just make more room in your house, you’ve come to the right place. Explore our storage unit guide to find the size that’s right for your storage needs or contact us to rent a unit online today.