StorageMart’s Clean Guarantee

The Best Self Storage is Clean Storage

Renting a self storage unit can be a rewarding experience giving you more space at home, but nothing is a killjoy like finding your newly rented unit completely dirty, dusty or in general disrepair. That’s why one of our brand promises is Clean Storage. StorageMart strives to proactively ensure that units, doors, buildings, and facilities are clean, trash free, and dusted regularly.

StorageMart’s Clean Storage Space

Renting self storage is an extension of your home, office and personal space. On a certain level, it is even an extension of yourself. That’s why we want to provide a space that is as clean as you would keep your own home or office. We fulfill our brand promise by being proactive in our cleaning regimen. Our store managers inspect the property twice a day – once in the morning, and once in the evening. They look for trash and other messes that can be cleaned up. The managers also clean 25 to 30 doors per day, with the goal of cleaning every door at the facility once per week. When someone vacates, the unit is cleaned, swept and dusted to be ready for the next customer. The unit is also inspected prior to a new customer moving in.

“Our goal is to provide easy, clean storage service to all of our customers through attention to detail and standardized cleaning procedures,” says Cris Burnam, President of StorageMart.

Clean Storage is a Part of Service

Part of providing the best service in the industry is having the cleanest units, the best practices, and easy rentals. Making self storage units easy to rent and keeping the units and facility clean are two of StorageMart’s brand promises. Our goal is to be the best that we can be.

Are you ready for a storage unit? Check out this handy size guide to get an idea of the space you’ll need, or you can rent storage online.