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No Dock? No Problem: Lake House Boat Storage

Growing up my parents owned a lake house, and it was by far the best part of finally being done with school for the summer. Going fishing on our canoe, searching for baby turtles, and roasting marshmallows – nothing can beat it.

While we did in fact have access to a dock, we shared it with another family and unfortunately there was not enough room for us to buy a boat – although my dad was not broken up about it (he would’ve been paying). Instead, we used canoes and jet skis. And we were able to store the jet skis at a local self storage location so they did not get stolen.

Whether you share a dock or don’t have access to one at all at your lake house, don’t think that you can’t own a boat. With self storage you can store your boat during the off season and then bring it down to the water once summer rolls around again. There is temporary docking that you can find once you take your boat out of storage, such as a neighbor that has extra space or if the lake has a marina.

Storing Jet-Skis and Boat Gear

Aside from boats, jet skis are also extremely popular on the lake; they may spray water in your face constantly, but they’re loads of fun. There’s also canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and boat gear that can quickly overwhelm the minimal space by your lake house or the dock you share with a neighbor.

Only those who actually own boats know how much money and extra gear comes with purchasing one. Aside from the obvious things like maintenance and fuel – many people purchase boat dollies/stands to attach to their cars, life jackets, and accessories like attachable grills or a Bluetooth speakers.

Owning a lake hose and keeping a boat in sea-worthy condition comes with a never-ending list of tasks and to-dos that can take some new boat owners by surprise. While many lake houses come with small sheds and a yard where kids can strew their life jackets and goggles all over, the shed and yard space are quickly taken over. And a large part of that is due to the next section which covers storing all the toys that stay at the lake house too.

Storing Lake Supplies and Toys

Anyone who’s been on a boat with a towable tube can tell you just how fun they are, unless your dad or older sibling is trying to send you flying by speeding and taking sharp turns. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of wipeouts while tubing.

In addition to inflatable tubes taking up the majority of your shed, there’s also wakeboarding (my favorite thing to do on a lake), floaties for adults, floating mats, water trampolines, blast bags, and more. I’m sure you can imagine how quickly your collection can overwhelm your available lake house storage space, especially year after year. For more information about storing water toys, check out this article which includes tips for storing and preserving all those fun water playthings. 

Angling for More Fishing Gear Storage?

For some people, living on a lake means casting a line into the water and patiently waiting to see what comes up to the surface. For casual or recreational fishing enthusiasts, storing your fishing gear at your lake house is probably easy enough. But, if you’ve been hooked (pun intended) by the fishing bug, you may soon find yourself with more gear and accessories than you could possibly fit on your boat at any one time. This is especially true if your lake house is in a seasonal climate where fishing becomes difficult or impossible without venturing out onto the ice – which is an entirely different ballgame. 

Whether you go out on a canoe or a small boat, you may need somewhere to store your extra rods or tackle boxes while you’re away. A storage unit near your lake house could be exactly what you want to keep clutter down at home. Plus, you’ll never have to experience that awful feeling in your gut when you realize you forgot that THING you can’t possibly go without for the weekend! For even more fishing gear storage and maintenance advice, don’t miss our article: How to Store Fishing Gear.  

Living on a Lake with Self Storage

Once you outgrow your spider-ridden shed, consider renting self storage to store your boats, tubes, floaties, and fishing gear during the off-season, or to use as a second shed – but with way fewer spiders. With boat storage units varying in size, we can make sure your lake house continues to be a place of tranquility and family fun. Check out our Self Storage Calculator, then find the perfect unit near you.