Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales can be a great way to clean out your home and make some cash.

The trick, as in all things in life, is to be well prepared.

That begins with knowing your competition. There are some general pricing guidelines out there (which we’ll get to in a minute), but every community is different. Take the time to hit a few garage sales in your neighborhood so that your pricing is competitive.

Next, don’t cut corners by thinking that you can just tell people the price when they ask. Every item should be clearly marked. Remember, too, that many people plan on negotiating. So if you want $20 for an end table, mark it up a couple of dollars.

Lastly, make sure to advertise. Physical signs are a good first step, but consider also using Craigslist or even your local community paper.

Yard Sale Pricing

There are, of course, a lot of variables when it comes to pricing items, but there are also a few general rules of thumb that can help.

• Adult clothing should go for between $3 and $5. If they still have the tags on, up the price. Coats can be priced up to $15.
• Books generally sell for less than a dollar if they’re paperbacks. Hardcover books can sell for slightly more and larger “coffee table” books, depending on the topic, can be priced for a bit more than that.
• Electronics and computer equipment can be tough to price. A general rule is to mark it for no more than about 25 percent of its original retail value.
• Furniture that’s in good condition may sell for up to about one-third of its original value. Pieces that are worn out should be priced for considerably less, although solid wood pieces retain more of their value as they can be refinished. Don’t sell any antiques before doing a bit of research.
• Children’s items such as toys should generally be priced at a few dollars, with the exception of pricier electronics. You can expect a few dollars for most clothing, although items from stores like Gymboree or Boden will sell for more.

About StorageMart

A yard sale is a great way to make some money and organize your home. But if you find that even that doesn’t clear out the clutter, then it might be time to seek another solution. One option is to buy a bigger home, but that’s not always a viable or financially smart option.

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