The Benefits of Choosing StorageMart

Making the decision to rent a storage unit from StorageMart comes with a bevy of perks, some that you may not realize. Gaining extra space in your home is an obvious plus to renting a storage unit, but what are some of the hidden benefits of choosing StorageMart?

Storage Rental Experts

One of the first benefits you’ll find in renting with StorageMart is our knowledgable and helpful staff. They are experts at storage, and know the perfect questions to ask in order to help you figure out the best unit size for your belongings. Our staff will also take the time to help you navigate through your lease, understand facility hours, and location features. Once you’ve rented, the store staff will be your first point of contact for any issues you might have, or if you want to move or upgrade your unit. They can also give you some handy pointers on how to pack a storage unit, such as using vertical space to save room, putting the most common items at the front for easy access, and creating aisles to facilitate easy navigation inside your storage unit.

Property Checks

StorageMart isn’t a “check-in-and-forget” type of business. Our store managers are proactive in checking the property for any issues that require attention. The property is checked twice per day, but we still encourage you to report something if you see an issue with your unit or the facility, so that our team can address the issue.

Clean Storage Facilities

We take pride in our facilities and in keeping our buildings clean. Clean service is a brand promise, and one that we take seriously. Our store managers regularly check for litter and trash. They also clean roughly 10 to 20 doors per day with a goal of having every door cleaned about once per week. Our offices are regularly dusted and vacuumed to provide you with the sense of cleanliness that you’d expect at your own home.


If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits and rent a unit from StorageMart, you can rent a storage unit online. Also, check out this handy storage unit sizing guide for an idea of the size of the unit you’ll need.