The Best Tips for Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner

Everybody is coming to your house for the most important meal of the year. The turkey must be juicy. You’ll need a slew of side dishes, plus dessert. And it all must be ready at exactly the same time.

No pressure, right?

We’d be lying if we said pulling off a Thanksgiving feast is easy, but it is manageable, especially if you plan ahead.

Your Checklist for Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Start with a list of all the dishes you plan on making. If you need inspiration, check out this line-up of top 50 Thanksgiving dishes from Southern Living.

If you need help planning your time and scheduling your food prep, consider using a checklist like this one from Real Simple.

If you’re making your own checklist, don’t forget to include the following easy-to-forget tasks:

• If serving alcohol, choose wine ahead of time and make sure it’s chilled before serving. Or, serve a festive cocktail like this apple champagne sangria.
• Iron tablecloths and have napkins ready, plus place cards if using them.
• Plan your centerpiece and buy the necessary supplies.
• Have cheap containers ready for leftovers.
• Purchase non-perishable items well ahead of time.
• Clean out the fridge, so you have room for all of the dishes you’ll be making.
• Arrange for extra tables and seating, if necessary.
• Clean your house two to three days ahead of time.
• Take care of yourself by getting some exercise, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep in the days leading up to Turkey Day.

How to Plan a Thanksgiving Dinner: The Final Touch

Don’t forget the secret of any great host or hostess: Make sure you have fun and make it fun for your guests. If you’re relaxed, your guests will be relaxed. Count on at least one of your dishes not turning out exactly as you planned—and don’t let is stress you out.

Your guests will be happy to spend the day together—and thankful for all of your efforts.

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