How to Throw a Summer Party

Summer parties are like a day at the beach—easy, breezy, casual, and fun.

You don’t have to worry about using the proper glassware or fuss over preparing a fancy meal. Red solo cups and burgers on the grill will do just fine.

Still, there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure that your party is extra fabulous.

Outdoor Summer Party Ideas

Like we said, if you’ve got burgers and lemonade (Ok, maybe beer) you’ve got a party. But with all the time you’re saving on food prep, you can afford to invest a little energy into making your get-together special. Here are a few ideas.

• Create a summer party playlist. This isn’t a dance party, a rave, or a cozy winter night by the fire. Check out this “Lazy Summer” playlist by Google Play.
• Check your seating. What do you do if you’ve invited two dozen people and only have six patio chairs? An easy option is to bring your dining table chairs outside. For little ones, spread a blanket and allow them to eat picnic-style. In a pinch, you can always rent chairs or hit up your neighbors to borrow a few.
• Create a signature summer cocktail. Two simple ones to try: Fill a glass with ice and top with a shot of vodka and lemonade, then garnish with fresh raspberries. Another option is to muddle two strawberries in a glass, then add a half ounce of simple syrup, three ounces of rosé wine, ice, and a splash of club soda.
• Think easy. Sure, you could slave away over fancy appetizers or sides, but summer is your excuse to serve things that can be purchased or prepared in advance. Potato salad, watermelon, cheese and crackers, a veggie tray, maybe even corn on the cob.
• Bust out the yard games. From cornhole to volleyball, outdoor games keep a party lively—and are a nice remedy to the after-dinner slump that sometimes sets in.
• Keep the bugs away. Your guests should be the ones feasting; not the mosquitoes. If you have them, use citronella candles. If not, put out a basket of bug-repellant wipes.
• Relax. If you’re slaving away in the kitchen and stressed, everyone else will sense it. Your guests will only have as much fun as you’re having, so wait to clean the kitchen until everyone goes home, grab a drink, and enjoy yourself. After all, it’s summer.

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