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The Best Ways to Pack Books for Storage

If you’re a literature lover like us, chances are you’ve collected many books throughout the years. From childhood classics to modern thrillers, books can take up a serious amount of space in your home—especially if you’re an avid reader. When it comes time to move, dealing with stacks of heavy books can cause an immense amount of stress.

Getting rid of your books is out of the question. (Trust us, we couldn’t get rid of our books, either.) So, how do you go about making the book moving process easier? As packing and moving are kind of our thing, we’ve created this guide so you can find the best ways to pack books for storage all in one place—ensuring you get to keep all your prized hardcovers and first editions forever!

Expand Your Library with Self Storage

Unless you live in a mansion and have your own library, you probably can’t keep every one of your books on shelves in your home. Instead of filling up your closets, dressers, and end tables with a bounty of books, you could gain the library annex you need with a self storage unit at StorageMart.

Keep Your Books Safe with Climate Control

Moisture is the sworn enemy of books because it can lead to mold and mildew. Fluctuations in temperatures can speed up the deterioration of paper, too. Utilizing a climate-controlled storage unit where the temperature is maintained at a consistent level is essential to the health of your book collection.

Once you’ve reserved your new library (that is, climate-controlled self storage unit) online, you can start packing up your books!

How to Pack Your Books

1. Source Fresh, Sturdy Boxes

Use clean, sturdy boxes if you’re planning on packing up your books. Most StorageMart locations offer packing and moving boxes ideal for holding books. Using boxes that are all the same size will also make stacking them easier.

2. Clean Your Books

Make sure your books are all clean and dry before putting them into storage. Be certain that bugs have not laid eggs between the pages (it happens), and remove items like bookmarks, photographs, or pieces of paper.

3. Organize by Author or Genre

Organize your books before you start packing them up. This will make labeling your boxes (and finding a particular book or type of book later on) much, much easier.

4. Wrap Books in Newsprint

Use blank newsprint to wrap books, as this will prevent them from sticking to one another. However, stay away from using printed newspaper, as this can lead to ink bleeding onto your books.

5. Pack Your Boxes Properly

Always pack books lying flat or standing upright (never on their spine), with spines alternating between facing right and left. Lay heavier books in the bottom of the box and work your way up to the smaller, lighter paperbacks. Don’t pack your boxes so full they’ll be difficult to move or potentially dangerous if a stack were to fall over.

Reserve Your New Library at StorageMart Today!

With these tips on the best ways to pack books for storage, you can ensure your valuable collection of literature stays safe during your move. Reserve your climate controlled storage unit at StorageMart today to grow your library!

Updated February 13, 2020