3 Unbiased Tips on Buying a Couch

Most people buy a new couch every seven to 15 years.

Which means a couple of things: First of all, you better like what you buy—both in terms of style and comfort. Secondly, it’s important to take a good look at a sofa and make sure it’ll hold up to 3,000-plus days of use.

How to Choose a Sofa: Tip 1

A sofa is only as good as its frame. Begin by asking what the frame is made of. Hardwoods like oak, ash or beech are best, but woods such as pine can work as well. What you don’t want is a frame made of particle board, plastic, or metal. Next, ask about the joinery. A couch that’s held together with wooden dowels, corner blocks or metal screws and brackets is solid. A sofa that’s held together only by glue, staples or nails is not.

How to Choose a Sofa: Tip 2

Your frame can be solid, but if the cushions sag, the sofa will be uncomfortable. Feel the springs through the upholstery to see if they are close together and firm. Sofas with no springs won’t last and should be avoided. When it comes to the cushions themselves, things get a little tricky. Foam cushions are the most common—and range from low to high-density (which lasts longer). Polyester-filled cushions are cheap and flatten out quickly. Feather-filled cushions are great for those who like a really soft sofa, but require frequent plumping to stay looking good.

How to Choose a Sofa: Tip 3

Possibly the most important choice you will make is the fabric you choose for your sofa. If there are no kids or pets in the house, go ahead and choose that gorgeous cream-colored suede sofa. But if you’re concerned about durability, you’ll want to opt for a darker color in a fabric like viscose, polyester, leather, microsuede, microfiber, or even an indoor/outdoor fabric like Sunbrella. Fabrics to avoid include silk, rayon, and polyester-rayon blends.

Buying a Sofa (Couch) and StorageMart

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