How To Decorate in Mid-Century Modern Style

Everything changed after World War II. The country was booming. New houses were transforming the landscape across America. Optimism was in the air.

Imagine the living room on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” If you’re younger than 50, think of Don Draper’s post-divorce apartment on “Mad Men.”

But, like almost everything, the world of interior design is cyclical. By the ’80s, the clean lines of mid-century modern décor had been replaced by chintz and country.

Today, mid-century modern is back again. Before we talk about how to get the look, let’s take a closer look at exactly what mid-century modern is.

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

There’s nothing fussy or frilly about mid-century modern. Rather, it’s about stripping a piece of furniture down to its form—and keeping it simple.

Mid-century design invites nature in through natural materials, open floor plans, and lots of light. Then it throws in a pop of color in bold post-war hues like citron, bright orange, and chartreuse (Remember all the harvest gold kitchen appliances?).

One piece of advice: You don’t want your home to look like it was literally plucked from 1955. Tone down your bright yellow couch with neutral walls. And mix other pieces into your mid-century modern décor.

Mid-Century Modern on a Budget

For true mid-century modern design, you can find a vintage Eames lounge chair available on eBay for just under $2,000.

But for anyone on a real budget, take heart. The resurgence of mid-century modern style means that it’s not hard to find. Take a look at these chairs available at Walmart.

If you’re willing to pay a bit more (but nothing close to the prices commanded by original period pieces) check out this mid-century sofa of your dreams from Joybird.

How about this picture-perfect end table from Wayfair? These days, you can find mid-century modern pieces just about anywhere—and at any price.

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One of the strengths of mid-century modern is that it’s light, airy, and uncluttered. No matter how much work you put into your design, it’s going to fall flat if your house is overflowing with knick-knacks, books, toys, and accessories.

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