Why Build A “Warehouse” When You Can Rent Storage Nearby?

Self storage is often associated with moving or downsizing but storage nearby provides a service that can make your home larger without the cost of an addition. Room additions can cost up to 50 percent higher than if the same room had been constructed with the rest of the house, according to homeadditionplus.com. It’s difficult to predict how much room you’ll need the first year you own a home. So look at the comparison between building an addition to your home versus renting a self storage unit.

Building an addition

1. Budget $150 a square foot to build a climate controlled addition onto your home. (For a 10×10, that’s $15,000!)

2. Count on slightly higher utilities because of the larger space.

3. Wait for months to complete the project, assuming your planning, permits, and construction are perfect.

4. Pay much more if you need to take out a loan; interest on a 30-year loan really adds up.

Renting a storage unit

1. Though prices vary, expect to pay about $15 a square foot per month.

2. Utilities are included.

3. No waiting! Move in when you need space.

4. Monthly leases provide flexibility; pay for the storage you need for as long as you need it.

Don’t step over your seasonal stuff or wade through boxes you use once-in-a-while. A storage unit will make your house or apartment more livable and less like a warehouse. You’ll enjoy your home more when you’re not fighting for storage space. Though about 10% of Americans are renting space for additional storage, there might be times when building an addition makes good sense for your household. Before starting construction, rent a storage unit to make sure the size of your addition provides you with the right amount of storage space.

Self storage nearby is easier than any other home services. Try finding a monthly lease for your cable, internet, or home security service! There are no monthly fees for receivers or modems – you’re in control of your self storage unit with your unique PIN pad access code and your own lock. And if you need customer support you won’t wait for hours for a technician to show up at your door. Friendly, knowledgeable managers are just a few feet away from your storage unit with all the answers you need.