You’ll Always Win With Storage Chicago Space At StorageMart

Cub fans only want to store one thing at Wrigley Field other than red-hot baseball – and that’s a World Series pennant! It’s been 107 years since the Cubs have won a World Series.

At StorageMart, sports fans rent storage Chicago units to keep their sporting gear in shape year ’round. Climate controlled space prevents damage from temperature changes, from spring training to the World Series.

StorageMart provides Chicagoans a steal in self storage without any voo-doo. The Cubs have been plagued by a “curse” since the 1945 World Series, Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field because his pet goat’s odor was bothering fans. Outraged he allegedly declared, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more,” and the Cubs haven’t played a World Series game since.

So what do you know about the Cubs?

1. What was Sianis’s goat’s name? 

2. The Cubs were only 5 outs away from the pennant in what year?

3. How many winning seasons have the Cubs had pre-curse? Post-curse?

Maybe you’ll have more luck with the next quiz – How much do you know about self storage?

1. Who is the world’s largest, privately-owned self storage company?

2. What three words describe this company?

3. How many states and provinces are they located in?

Before you check your answers, StorageMart wants to congratulate one of its own customers, the Bartlett Royals, a team of 12-year-old baseball players for their undefeated season, including the playoffs – that’s 20 games in a row! Bartlett Little League has been storing its baseball gear at StorageMart for nine seasons. Way to inspire those Cubs, boys!



Cubs Answers

1. Murphy

2. 2003 – The Cubs lost the game and playoffs to the Florida Marlins.

3. 51 winning seasons before, and 18 winning seasons after the curse.

Self Storage Answers

1. StorageMart

2. “Easy, Clean, Service” are the words we building on our business on.

3. Five Canadian provinces and 17 United States