Car Storage in Laval, QC

Clutter is no concern when you can count on self storage in Laval, even if the clutter in question is in your driveway. Car storage in Laval, QC, is just one of many possibilities at StorageMart, where you can rent drive-up storage, climate controlled storage, and vehicle storage. Rent or reserve Laval storage at StorageMart today!

Where To Find Car Storage in Laval, QC

Laval, QC, is the place to be. Just outside of Montreal, this city has just about everything you could want: entertainment, opportunity, beauty, and comfortable places to call home. When you’re itching for a shopping spree, CF Carrefour Laval has all sorts of stores to choose from, letting you recreate your personal style all over again, and you can grab a delicious meal at The Keg or the Bâton Rouge Grillhouse and Bar while you’re there.
See the outdoors at Centre de la Nature and Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, perfect for when you need a breath of fresh air. Find even more experiences at the Cosmodôme and Salle André-Mathieu. No matter how you choose to spend your day, you can enjoy every moment of it without being weighed down by concerns about the space in your home or business.
Having a storage unit in Laval gives you the opportunity to make your living or working space look exactly like you want it to. And when you choose from the wide variety of storage unit sizes and features available at StorageMart, your rented storage space can fit your needs perfectly. Even if you’re looking to store a vehicle, whether it’s a spare car, a company van, a boat, or an RV, StorageMart still has exactly what you’re looking for.
Car storage in Laval, QC, at StorageMart keeps your vehicle on a fully fenced lot. Parking is accessible only through exclusive gated access and is recorded by 24/7 video surveillance, giving you peace of mind. Furthermore, our facilities are well lit and in convenient locations, making it easy to swing by when you need to pick up or drop off your stored vehicle.
Car storage is offered at the following storage facilities near Laval:

Laval Car Storage Tips

There’s no need to stress when you’re putting a car into storage. Simply take it through the wash beforehand to get all the grime off your vehicle’s paint and undercarriage. That’ll help to prevent corrosion.
Furthermore, tidy up your car’s interior. Trash and traces of food can attract bugs and rodents, so it’s best to not only throw away all wrappers and food containers but to vacuum out the inside of your car and wipe down any sticky surfaces as well.
It’s also a good idea to purchase a waterproof car cover to keep your vehicle protected from sun damage, precipitation, and debris. Finally, get your vehicle up to date on all maintenance before putting it into long-term storage.

Small Vehicle Storage in Laval, QC

In addition to cars, boats, and RVs, you can also store small vehicles at StorageMart. For motorcycle storage, ATV storage, and the storage of other small vehicles, simply rent or reserve the space at your StorageMart facility of choice.

Car Storage for Rent in Laval, QC

Whether you’re storing your car for the short term or the long term, we’re more than happy to provide you with the space to make it happen here at StorageMart. First locate your nearest facility to check for Laval car storage availability, then rent or reserve storage online to get started today!