Climate Controlled Storage in San Antonio, TX

Need to store some temperature-sensitive items, like wooden furniture, important documents, or photographs? Don’t let the San Antonio heat or a surprise cold snap put stress on you or your belongings. Here at StorageMart, we offer great climate controlled self storage in San Antonio to make self storage even more practical.

Where To Find Climate Controlled Storage in San Antonio, TX

With storage facilities throughout San Antonio, StorageMart has great options available for personal and business storage when and where you need it most. To get started with the rental process, just choose one of the following storage facilities with climate controlled storage options:
Got a big storage need or just need to store a few key items? Either way, StorageMart has you covered. Our climate controlled storage units in San Antonio range in size from small to extra large. And in addition to providing your belongings protection against the Texas heat, their air conditioning can also make for a more comfortable experience when you’re moving items into or out of your storage unit.

What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in San Antonio, TX?

Climate controlled storage units are temperature-regulated to stay within milder temperature ranges. Because of this, they’re suitable for anything you’d put in standard storage, as well as temperature-sensitive items that can suffer damage in standard outdoor storage.
Temperature-sensitive items we recommend keeping in climate controlled storage units include wooden furniture, leather items, household appliances, important documents, photographs, and musical instruments. While excellent for storing these items, climate controlled storage is generally a great option for anything that could warp, melt, crack, or otherwise become damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures and rapid weather changes.

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent in San Antonio, TX

At StorageMart, getting access to climate controlled storage is simple. Many of our San Antonio storage facilities feature climate controlled storage units in a wide range of available sizes. Just choose one of our San Antonio self storage facilities and rent or reserve your storage space online!
While you’re renting a climate controlled storage unit, you might see even more features and options, like vehicle storage, to help you clear up valuable space at your home or business. Plus, flexible, month-to-month rentals make storing in the short term or long term simple, even if you’re a student or military member and not sure where you’ll be headed next.


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