Car Storage in Saskatoon, SK

Whether you have a spare personal vehicle or commercial vehicle that you’ve run out of space for, self storage can help. At StorageMart, we have a variety of vehicle parking options available, allowing you to securely store your car or truck while not in use. Reclaim the space in your garage or driveway with affordable vehicle storage. Find a StorageMart self storage facility near you to get started!

Where To Find Car Storage in Saskatoon, SK

When you’re in search of car storage in Saskatoon, StorageMart has you covered. We have a variety of vehicle parking spots available, ranging from 18 to 38 feet deep. Plus, with wide paved driveways, you can seamlessly pull in and out and be on your way. You can find vehicle storage units at a few of our storage facilities in Saskatoon, including:

Saskatoon Car Storage Tips

Before placing your car in storage, it’s important to ensure that you’ve prepared it properly. We have a few tips on how to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage:
  • Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your car.
  • Remove any trash or perishable items.
  • Winterize your vehicle if needed
  • Put air in the tires.
Keeping your vehicle clean on the inside and outside can help prevent potential wear and tear so make sure you’re also keeping up to date with regular maintenance. Before you begin the storage process, you'll need to provide proof of ownership, insurance, and registration. You'll also need to bring your vehicle to the facility you're renting car storage from so the manager can photograph and catalog your vehicle and validate it meets all resitrations listed above. Have questions? Our customer service team is available 24/7 for assistance at any point during the storeage rental process.

Small Vehicle Storage in Saskatoon, SK

When you have a small boat, motorcycle, or car that is taking up too much space in your garage or driveway, we have plenty of space at StorageMart. Our smaller vehicle storage units range around 144 square feet, with just enough space to fit a small vehicle. Browse our unit size guide for more information.

Car Storage for Rent in Saskatoon, SK

Free up space in your garage or driveway and rent a vehicle storage unit at StorageMart. Our Saskatoon storage facilities are fully fenced, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is secure. However, if you need to access your vehicle outside of office hours, no problem! We have extended access hours for our customers.
Headed out of town on a road trip? Our storage facilities in Saskatoon are located near main highways, allowing you easy access to your vehicle when you need it. Our extended access hours are from 6 am to 10 pm every day. Have additional questions about our storage services? Our FAQ page can help answer any questions you may have. Ready to get started? Find the nearest StorageMart storage facility to you to rent or reserve your car storage unit today!
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