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Why choose StorageMart?

  • You’re not locked in.

    Whatever works for you. One week or one year, StorageMart requires no long-term contract.

  • Save everytime.

    With no deposits, affordable rent, and free month specials, we’re dedicated to saving you money.

  • Safe & Secure

    Store with confidence. Our facilities offer security measures for added peace of mind.

Top Storage Features in Saskatoon

Loading Bays

Loading bays allow you & your belongings to be out of the elements when storing.

Expert Staff

Our staff of storage experts will help you with any questions you have about storage.

Clean & Well-Lit

StorageMart prides itself on our clean and well-lit storage unit facilities.

Video Cameras

Video cameras record the property so you can store without worry.

Storage Units Near Saskatoon

  1. 1 Portage Ave
    StorageMart Portage Ave Saskatoon storage facility
    We offer multiple outdoor storage unit options at our facility at 345 Portage Ave in Saskatoon, SK
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 345 Portage Ave in Saskatoon, SK
    StorageMart storage facility at 345 Portage Ave in Saskatoon, SK
    345 Portage Ave
    Saskatoon, SK S7J 5M1
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    5' x 5'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $93.99 / month$81.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $163.99 / month$148.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    12' x 10'Drive-Up LocationOnly 2 left
    $173.99 / month$158.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Drive-Up Location
    $177.99 / month$162.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $238.99 / month$218.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    12' x 20'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $271.99 / month$251.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    I have used them every year to store my …

    I have used them every year to store my car. The process is easy, the staff always very friendly and helpful. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for storage space.


    The employees are knowledgeable and …

    The employees are knowledgeable and polite. Good prices. Clean and secure


    A Very Compassionate Company

    StorageMart was so very gracious and understanding when I unfortunately had no choice but to cancel a move and a storage unit at the date of occupancy. Even though the charge had gone through my Visa, they kindly refunded the total amount and offered to be of service in the future. This was so very much appreciated. I have in the past used StorageMart and will definitely in the future. Thank you StorageMart.


    Excellent facility

    Excellent facility, and a super efficient customer service rep at the front gate.


    Excellent staff and service.

    Excellent staff and service.


    All good experience

    All good experience


    Called in and prebooked through your …

    Called in and prebooked through your toll free line. Received a follow up call back. Went to the office and they were prepared and had storage space assigned. A few little admin issues (code not working right away, lights burnt out in storage unit), but these were fixed quickly, and things are going very smoothly now.


    Units clean. Hours of operation goo …

    Units clean. Hours of operation good for availability. Design seems to show that in a heavy rain all run off moves away from units into central trough and sewer, limiting chance of water seepage. Rates good and even provide locks for sale. They could replace outdoor keypads though as the numbers have worn off and are hard to decipher. Better lighting in that area would help too. I never noticed if there was a "help line" in case of trouble, but if not, that would be smart, though I've never needed it. Even posting a number might be enough...I can see some folks needing some help.


    superior service

    I keep going back year after year because of the service - recommend them to everyone!


    Customer service Top Notch!

    Kim at StorageMart is absolutely dedicated to running her business at a level I have never seen with storage before. She is meticulous with preparation and operates a spotless environment. She welcomes myself and our team with smiles each morning. Kim is willing to help us out where she can and is absolutely an essential part of our business where we are in and out of the storage lockers numerous times daily. I can't say enough good things about StorageMart and Kim as a manager!


    StorageMart Experience

    StorageMart meet all our storage needs in timely and professional manner.Thanks to your staff Michael and Kim


    Very clean, easy access, exceeded my expectations.

    I would definitely recommend renting a storage unit from here.


    Clean & dry storage

    Good service. Easy access. Clean & dry storage.


    For the size there expensive

    The unit is the smallest they carry and is still over 150 a month, I expected it to be high being in a city, the units all have sprinkler system in it which is nice and there is a main gate with code access for extra security although it is expensive I would still recommend storage mart other than the price I'm happy with there service they provide



    Great service, clean and secure


    storqgemart review

    Professional, polite, knowledgeable and efficient service.



    Great easy experience renting my unit.


    Friendly staff

    The counter person very friendly


    The staff was fantastic.

    The staff were very nice and super helpful. There were only two problems and one was minor and too be expected. The biggest issue was the space of the road between lockers, it was difficult to manouver if there was more than one vehicle in the same area. The second issue was minor and I guess to be expected at a storage locker, it was quite dusty inside, a quick wipe down of the lockers between owners would be unexpected and very pleasant.


    Easy and straight forward

    I had no problems with StorageMart. Customer service was friendly and helpful and the facilities are clean and work well. All I want is a straight forward and convenient place to store my belongings, and that's what I got.


    honest and caring

    I am happy with Storage Mart because they are honest and there are no hidden fees. I give this establisment a great rating


    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Very friendly and thorough service from my telephone call to walking in the door to examining storage spaces to signing the rental agreement to walking out the door -- a long way of saying I got what I was looking for!


    pretty easy to work with,

    at least for the first month, we shall see how the next month goes. They were very knowledgeable about their product and could easily assess what we needed, even over the phone!


    Nice,clean, friendly and a great price.

    I found that storage mart was a great decision to use for my storage needs.


    Easy to arrange

    Excellent service


    Storage Bay & 2 parking stalls

    The people at Storage Mart are a pleasure to work with. They met all my needs immediately & professionally. I even purchased some retail items from their store such as boxes, tape & padlocks which were nicely displayed in the lobby area. I would highly recommend Storage Mart for all storage & packing needs.


    The staff were more than helpful and the storage area is neat , tidy and well managed.

    This is a great spot to store all your extra stuff. It's very well managed and affordable for the average person to maintain.


    Generally smooth

    Went smoothly for most part...don't agree with $20 admin fee or charge for supplemental insurance if you don't have proof of having your own.


    Great storage facility.

    Good size of unit and very accessible. The overall experience was great.

  2. 2 11th Street W
    StorageMart 11 St Saskatoon storage facility
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 3010 11th St W in Saskatoon, SK
    StorageMart 11 St Saskatoon self storage
    3010 11th St W
    Saskatoon, SK S7M 1J6
    See all 19 reviews
    5' x 5'Drive-Up Location
    $72.99 / month$60.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 5'HeatedOnly 1 left
    $95.99 / month$83.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 5'HeatedOnly 1 left
    $133.99 / month$121.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $150.99 / month$138.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    5' x 10'Premium LocationOnly 1 left
    $150.99 / month$138.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Drive-Up Location
    $168.99 / month$153.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Heated
    $183.99 / month$168.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 11'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $217.99 / month$202.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 15'Drive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $177.99 / month$162.99 / monthLimited Availability. Reserve Today!
    10' x 15'HeatedDrive-Up Location
    $198.99 / month$183.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'Drive-Up Location
    $229.99 / month$209.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 20'HeatedDrive-Up LocationOnly 2 left
    $283.99 / month$263.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 25'HeatedDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $293.99 / month$273.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 30'Premium LocationDrive-Up LocationOnly 1 left
    $412.99 / month$392.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 18 ft L
    $65.99 / month$52.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 38 ft L
    $137.99 / month$124.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    Good service and very helpful.

    Good service and very helpful.


    Helpful staff....easy and quick....

    Helpful staff....easy and quick....


    We have used StorageMart for five years …

    We have used StorageMart for five years now. Always clean and no issues. Management is always eager to assist with any questions or changes to our rental unit.


    I've thought that the storage unit they …

    I've thought that the storage unit they gave me was a good size also it was a good price I appreciate the staff that helped me if I do rent one more month I surely will be coming back again...!


    Friendly and Helpful Staff

    Friendly and Helpful Staff


    I am a new customer

    I am a new customer. So far staff has been very helpful and everything is going good


    Good times

    Was super easy, called in and they set me up. There was a slight mix up on units, but other then that no complaints tehehehehehe


    Storage Mart Saskatoon

    While I find the cost somewhat high they do offer a good range of choices. At the outset I found the need to make a number of choices a little difficult as I had never used a storage place previously. Those I dealt with initially were good but some lately seem to be outside doing personal things (smoking) instead of paying attention to the customers.



    everything good


    Parking spot

    Cost effective alternative to the airport. 24/7 access and no hassles


    Best service EVER!!!

    The lady that helped me with my storage was so nice and very straight forward :D I'll be definitely recommending this place to family and friends :D


    A space for everything

    The hours are pretty good to access our things should we suddenly need something that we previously stored in our move. The office staff is accessible should we have questions and we have so far had a positive experience during this exhausting time of moving households.


    . StorageMart performance in Saskatoon

    Staff good. Management has to keep storage areas accessible at all times by cleaning up the snow. Prices are higher than usual !!



    Marlene in Saskatoon has been very helpful with setting up storage spaces that are clean and close to one another. The first night I got stuck in cold weather and the gate code did not work when tried repeatedly, it was close to 9:15 and I was panicking because it was -30 and a high wind chill and when I phoned no one returned my call even when I left my phone number. Unfortunately another day of moving with movers it had stormed and her snow removal person was not there and I had to shovel out the snow bank to entrance of my heated unit. Otherwise everything has been fine.



    Warm welcome No complaints.


    Customer Service

    Della and her team go above and beyond with customer service!!!


    new customer

    We easily rented on line and when we went in to set up our storage unit it went fast and the customer service reps were both great!


    Top Notch

    Clean and well kept. Good location with secure access. Excellent and friendly customer service. Large selection of storage type units and stalls to choose from. Reasonable rates with some insurance coverage offered onsite. I would definitely recommend it to people.


    Great prices and helpful staff!

    Had an awesome experience here. The staff were super helpful and the prices were quite reasonable with an amazing rate for te frst month! Would recommend to everyone


    A smooth experience

    I was looking for a storage unit available the same day and called around ,but didn't have any luck in the area I was looking for...until I seen Storage Mart come up on my Google search. I called right away and a lovely customer service representative helped me find a unit close to my home and at a great price. I reserved it and proceeded to the storage mart address that I was given When I entered the storage office the person greeted me with a smile and asked if they could be of assistance I gave her my information and she took me for a tour of the premises and showed me my unit The total time I was there was about 15 minutes with a unit and code for the gate and on my way. Grat people great service great units I recommend seeing them Steve


    My experience...

    This company is so wonderful that I came back to them years later to rent from them again :)


    Very good service and easy access

    Decent prices, nice helpful staff, clean facility and great accessibility


    Helpful and fast

    i've used StorageMart in Saskatoon a few times, and have always been happy with the service they've provided. Hassle free and convenient.


    Friendly easy reliable service

    The title says it all And always sucure .



    From the moment I walked into the storage Mart in Saskatoon Saskatchewan I was immediately impressed by the knowledgeable staff, the price of the units and their ability to go the extra mile to make my experience unstressful for that I truly appreciate the service I recieved


    Very Great!

    Thank You for your Service, I really appreciated the first months discount! Desirea Napope



    Easy online booking/phone booking. Manager friendly at site Bring a lock - will not give keys without lock in place Can buy lock on site 12.99-21.99 Space clean Friendly Easy, hassle-free moving in


    Excellent facility!

    Very helpful, easy to deal with.


    Good experience

    I was able to book online, which made it easy. A follow up phone call got the details right. They were flexible for when I could come down and do the paperwork. The promotion of the first month free was also a bonus. Overall I've had a good experience with StorageMart.



    The courteous staff was very efficient at processing the paper work. I was in a hurry, had phoned ahead and they had all the paper work ready to be signed and go upon my arrival, which I very much appreciated.


    very clean friendly service

    it was easy to upgrade from a small locker too much larger heating unit just prorated... Took 10 minutes to change


    your manager was amazing

    it was so great very clean very helpful colleen was awesome she was so kind and oh so helpful. price was reasonable due to discount for first month. i recommend storage mart hands down.


    StorageMart offered an excellent space and excellent service

    Storage Mart on 11th Street West, Saskatoon (SK) offered excellent service and the storage lockers are very easily accessible. I would recommend them.


    easy access but icy walkways

    we liked the fact we could access the locker late in the day to unload our truck but we had difficulty walking in the alley as the ground was very icy and there was no sand for traction, we had one person slip and fall but no major injury.


    It was really good

    To have a clear mind when you planing to move rent a storage at storage mart it's just like you own the whole area.

  3. 3 1st Avenue N
    StorageMart storage facility at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    Store sensitive items in one of our climate controlled storage units at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    We offer multiple indoor storage unit options at our facility at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    Loading bays make it easier to get items to and from your storage unit at our facility at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    Find a self storage unit at StorageMart, located at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    Moving and packaging supplies are available onsite at StorageMart, located at 901 1st Ave N in Saskatoon, SK
    901 1st Ave N
    Saskatoon, SK S7K 1Y4
    See all 23 reviews
    5' x 5'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $120.99 / month$108.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 6'HeatedOnly 1 left
    $116.99 / month$104.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 10'Heated
    $131.99 / month$119.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 7'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $180.99 / month$168.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    12' x 7'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $159.99 / month$144.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 10'Heated
    $162.99 / month$147.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    5' x 20'HeatedPremium LocationOnly 1 left
    $196.99 / month$181.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    10' x 12'HeatedOnly 1 left
    $184.99 / month$169.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    8' x 19'Drive-Up Location
    $144.99 / month$124.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    18' x 22'HeatedOnly 1 left
    $555.99 / month$530.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    Fits Vehicles up to<br />8 ft W x 18 ft L
    $122.99 / month$109.99 / monthFirst Month FREE
    See all available units at this store

    Awesome service from all…

    Awesome service from all representatives I spoke to on the phone or in person! The units were very clean and easy to access - very accommodating to the size I needed and willing to change if needed. Price for one month was unbeatable. I would 100% use Storage Mart again. Very pleased and happy that it was one of the easier parts of my move, because we all know how stressful moving can be!!! THANK YOU <3


    Very very good clean secure and easy…

    Very very good clean secure and easy access with the trolleys ! Amazing customer service both online and location!!


    Exceptional customer service

    Exceptional customer service! I felt my belongings were safe, the manager got me in with short notice and took care of my storage needs exactly as promised! If needing a storage unit, consider StorageMart in Saskatoon!


    Great experience

    Great experience. Staff was very helpful.


    Good service with very helpful …

    Good service with very helpful knowledgeable staff. Would recommend their services.


    They offer to store my stuff in …

    They offer to store my stuff in exchange of money. So I decided to give them a try. I gave them money and continue to do so on a monthly basis and in return they've been storing my stuff, exactly as advertised.


    Repeated Use

    I have used this storage facility several times over the years and especially appreciate the in-door consistent temperature year-around, along with the indoor loading/unloading design for easy use in all weather. My only concern is that the price seems to be rising to the point that I am more cautious in renting.


    I would and do highly recommend Storage …

    I would and do highly recommend Storage Mart to my family and friends. They have always been helpful, and knowledgeable. I want to give a big shout out to Della and Kristina at my store in Saskatoon


    Very good facility and staff

    Very good facility and staff . I was impressed with the cleanliness and ease of access . Made moving just a bot less stressful.


    Very good service.

    Very good service.


    We are very pleased with management and …

    We are very pleased with management and service. Thank you


    Excellent knowledge and experienced …

    Excellent knowledge and experienced employees. Friendly helpful and professional. Thanks for all your help.


    The ladies were very nice and …

    The ladies were very nice and accommodating. Showed us around the facility and how to find our storage unit when we entered from the back of the building. Would recommend highly to anyone.


    Simple, Fast, Accomdiating

    I was setting up a storage unit for someone else and then a third party was paying the bill. Storage Mart was very understanding and made it a smooth process. Thanks


    A real asset.

    Clean accessible and well managed. A great facility to have in the city.


    Excellent Storage!

    We needed a place to temporarily store my mother's few pieces of furniture, clothes and other personal effects while she was in hospital awaiting a care home bed. I wanted clean, safe and preferably heated storage that was still affordable. Storage Mart impressed us. The lady that showed us around was very friendly and helpful. There are so many different size options. It is inside in a heated, secure, very well lit area, so no loading and unloading in frigid temperatures. I felt fine even going by myself when I needed to get a few of Mom's things. Very happy we found them!


    Saskatoon StorageMart

    The process of obtaining a unit went very well. Each person I spoke to was very helpful. The storage unit was clean and easily accessed.


    good people to deal with

    The storage is well protected clean and monitored. there is only one receiving door which makes it hard to get at times because it is beening used. There are two other doors but at this time they do not work. I hope they look at getting these doors working .


    first time storage users

    The whole experience from the friendly greeting at the front desk to the easy access to our unit was super!


    Excellent service

    Helpful staff quickly found a storage unit for me to use and I was able to rent it out in less than ten minutes. Quick and easy.


    Excellent Service

    We have been using Storage Mart for many years. When I made contact to inquire about a larger unit with Storage Mart I was given precise information and feel that we have chosen the right storage facility to store our records.


    Really great service and super easy to navigate and get you things in to storage! Maybe need more carts on a busy day but otherwise awesome experience. Would recommend to everyone.

    Really great service and super easy to navigate and get you things in to storage! Maybe need more carts on a busy day but otherwise awesome experience. Would recommend to everyone.


    Clean and Easy

    Setting up my rental was very simple and Della was very accommodating. The facility is clean, and bright and well located for us.


    i am pleased.

    The people are pleasant and indeed very helpful.The building is keep clean at all times.It is very handy to unload your storage with the equipment to move to your clean storage bin.


    Better than I expected, if you need it don't hesitate

    Everyone is at your service. Everything was clear and I upgrated for a bigger box in 1 min, was fast. Thank for the whole team!


    helpful but stairs made it difficult

    no personal problems, lots of discount options, only the new wing was dusty from construction and stairs made it difficult, overall pleased though


    Very great and friendly service

    Very friendly service and even gave us a cold drink on a hot day


    Great Service

    The manager ( Della) was great to deal with here in Saskatoon,Sk. All my needs renting a facility to purchasing moving boxes et al were met . There were no surprises with hidden fees and all her instructions were clear and easy to understand.


    Storage Mart - Saskatoon - Service is Outstanding

    My experience over the years with Storage Mart has been nothing short of outstanding! I am not sure if you realize how lucky you are to have Della Dyck on your team. Della is passionate about her work , very professional and is a person of high integrity. Della will go that extra mile in-order to make her customers happy! These qualities are very difficult to find in today's world. Best Regards, Lorne Warrington


    StorageMart offers me best service

    I've been looking a cheap, good service attitude small office since last August. I finally chose StorageMart through investigation and comparison, and ultimately. StorageMart offers me a reasonable price, and also provide a printer, fax machine by lower fees. StorageMart provide a great convenience for me who just start a business. My clients told me that this elegant environment clean and they are very satisfied with this environment. I am very happy that I can start my business at StorageMart.


    I'm very much impressed with the services I received.

    I would recommend this company to others.


    Accomadating, efficient and a clean facility

    Never having had to rent a storage space before, I picked up the phone and dialed apprehensively. The gentleman on the phone was friendly and very efficient. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction quickly and the deal was struck. When I arrived at the facility and saw the size of my storage and how secure it was, I relaxed and felt it was the best action I could have taken at that time


    decent but over priced.

    I like the security, hours are too short, great layout, well informed staff, but I find your prices too high, but I suppose for indoor secure heated storage, then the prices are ok. I love the deal I was offered, too bad it was for only 1 month. Over all rating is 3 & 1/2 stars out of 5.


    Pricey, but the best.

    My experiences are with storage mart on 1st ave N. in Saskatoon Sk. I have had a locker there off and on for the better part of 2 years. The gals at the office are always cheery and accommodating, and you get the feeling of security when you are in any part of the facility. Good access area for loading and unloading and all climate controlled. The Best. I trust them.


    Storage Mart is like having your stuff stored at your mom's house.

    Della, the manager, is amazing. She knows everyone by name, what locker # they are, where they work, what they are storing, etc. She's super smart, super helpful, and extremely understanding. She treats everyone like they are at her house and that they belong here.


    Great customer service

    We just signed our paperwork this weekend but so far nothing but positive comments.


    Great to deal with

    Completely explained everything and answered all concerns. Very good service from Della.


    wonder facility and service

    I've never had a storage unit before and they made everything very easy and clear. Even brought up the things I never would have thought of but find highly convenient.


    Della in Saskatoon at 1st Ave N, has been the best to work with, very helpful.

    During the very stressful time of moving from one city to another it was so nice to have Della, who made those days much easier to manage. Her kindness and considerate attitude made a very stressful time very much less stressed. Have already recommended Storagemart to others. And having a warm facility makes it even better.


    The perfect small business solution

    It's awesome. The all in one small business syop


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