How to Baby Proof Your Baby’s Bedroom

The best strategy when it comes to baby proofing your baby’s bedroom, or any room, is to treat your baby like an escape artist.

Sure, your little darling may look small and helpless as a newborn. But in a few months, he or she will be crawling. Next, comes using furniture to pull up to standing and—before you know it—walking.

By 18 months, your baby could be trying—and perhaps succeeding—in escaping from the crib.

Like it or not, you’d better be prepared by baby proofing the bedroom early.

Baby Proofing Bedroom Ideas

First, you’ll want to be sure to take the same cautionary steps that you do in every room of the house, including the following baby proofing bedroom ideas:

• Make sure that all electrical outlets are covered.
• Make sure that all furniture that could be pulled down is mounted to the wall. Put child locks on drawers so that they can’t be used to climb.
• Make sure that there are no cords hanging down from your blinds or electronics.
• Make sure that there are no choking hazards in the room, including sibling toys.
• Make sure any breakable items are out of reach.
• Don’t use floor lamps, which can be easily pulled over.
• Install window guards or window stops. Screens are not effective in preventing falls from windows.
• Use a gate or other safety device to keep your baby in his or bedroom. In addition to those ideas, there are additional things to take care of when baby proofing your baby’s bedroom—starting with the crib.
• Make sure the crib is up to current standards.
• Make sure the mattress fits the crib properly, with no more than two fingers width space between the mattress and the frame.
• Blankets, pillows, bumpers, and stuffed animals pose a suffocation risk and should never be put in a crib.
• Never hang anything heavy, like a mirror, above your baby’s crib.
• If you have a mobile, make sure that the string or cord it’s hanging from is no longer than 7 inches. Anything longer could pose a strangulation risk.
• Place crib away from heating vents and out of direct sunlight. Overheating has been associated with an increased risk of SIDS.

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