Benefits of Storing with StorageMart: Carts, Trollies, and Dollies

It takes effort to load up your truck or moving van to bring your belongings to the storage facility, and then you have to unload your items into your unit. StorageMart makes this part of the process a little bit easier by supplying carts and dollies at select locations. When you arrive at your StorageMart, ask the store manager about a cart or dolly to move your items from your truck into storage.

Moving Tips and Tricks

If you’re using a cart or dolly to move your items into storage, make sure you’re using them the right way! When using a dolly, be sure that the heaviest part of the object is closest to you, and ensure the dolly is seated as far forward as possible. This brings the weight load closer to the fulcrum and makes it easier to move. When using a cart, load the heavier items at the rear of the cart closest to the push-bar. This makes it easier to maneuver the cart.

Carts and dollies make it easier to move your things into your unit. Check out these tips for how to pack a storage unit.