Create the Ultimate Gift Wrapping Station

If you want the ultimate gift-wrapping station, look no further than Hollywood matriarch Candy Spelling whose 56,000-square mansion included three rooms just for gift wrapping. One was for everyday gifts, one had a shrink-wrap machine and one was just for Christmas and Easter gifts.

Spelling has since sold her mansion, but you can still follow her cue and prepare your own gift-wrapping station—even if you don’t have a whole room (or even a corner) to dedicate to the task.

Best Way to Store Gift Bags, Paper, and Supplies

There are two ways you can go when designing your gift-wrapping station—and it depends on how much space you have.

Your first option is to find an empty corner in your house and set up a gift-wrapping station that you leave up all year. The other possibility is to create a mobile wrapping station that you can store out of the way.

Storage for Gift Wrapping Supplies

Let’s start with the first option—a corner of your house dedicated just to wrapping.

The easiest option, of course, is simply to buy something. Home Depot has these attractive Stanton Wrapping Carts for $199 that would like nice in any home office, den, or laundry room. If you’ve got more room—and money—you could even consider the Elfa Dream Wrapper’s closet, which offers drawers, shelves, and hooks to keep everything you need within easy reach.

But it can also be fun (and economical) to use a bit of creativity and come up with your own custom solution.

Take over an under-used bookcase and use dowels or spring-tension rods to store rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. Bring in a few decorative baskets for cards, bows, and tags and you’re all set.

If you have a desk that you want to pull double-duty, install a pegboard above it. Then use hooks to hang all your supplies within reach. If you like the concept, but don’t do much wrapping after the holidays, use plastic hooks designed to be easily removed.

Don’t forget about the backs of closet doors, too. Place rods on adhesive hooks and then use curtain ring clips to hang wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift bags.

Mobile Gift-Wrapping Stations

Again, there are all kinds of products you can buy, like this gift wrap storage bag that fits easily under the bed. Or this hanging organizer.

But you can also get creative—or check Pinterest—to come up with a clever idea of your own.

For example, you can start with your basic laundry hamper and use inexpensive plastic wreath hangers to attach gift bags. The same concept works with a simple waste basket.

But look around your house. You may find you have an even better idea just waiting to hatch. Take a look at this market cart turned gift-wrapping station. This fun suitcase is easily carried from room to room and is also easy to store.

Consider Additional Storage Space

There are times when, no matter how clever your storage solutions are, you just need more space. If that’s you, but you’re happy in your current home, renting a self storage unit can be an easy and affordable solution.

At StorageMart, you can rent a unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. Our units are always well lit and as clean as your home (on a good day). Check out our storage unit size guide or find a self storage location near you.