You Can’t Get a Mulligan for Poorly Stored Clubs

It’s been said golf is one of the few things you don’t have to be very good at to enjoy doing.  That’s a nice thought, but it rarely satisfies the urge felt by the weekend hacker to knock strokes off of his/her game.  That’s why, with the long winter finally behind us, country clubs and municipal courses across the country are filling their tee times one weekend after the next.  No, it’s probably more fair to think of golf as less of a leisure activity and more an obsession, with everyone in search of the elusive perfect shot.

For anyone not a touring member of the PGA or LPGA, perfection is likely unattainable, but it won’t stop us from trying and trying in golf often takes the form of acquiring the latest thing in golfing equipment.  From clubs to balls to bags to spikes, range finders, GPS tracking and the finest in golfing fashion, anyone who takes their golf game even halfway seriously ends up acquiring a lot of stuff.  Add in a travel case for your golf bag, multiple sets of clubs and maybe even your golf cart and suddenly your hobby almost needs its own place to live.  You may love the game, but finding that much space in your home just isn’t feasible for everyone.

That’s why you should consider renting self-storage unit for all your golfing gear.  With locations across the United States and Canada, StorageMart has the storage solution for you that is both affordable and conveniently located near your favorite course.  Here are some tips for properly storing your golfing gear:

•    Spend the extra money for a climate-controlled storage unit.  Deep down we all know golf clubs are inanimate objects, but when it comes to storage it’s important to remember golf clubs will be most comfortable in the same type of environment we would be most comfortable.
•    Clean and thoroughly dry your clubs after every round.  Seriously, after every round you should clean your clubs, but it’s absolutely essential you clean and dry them before they go into storage.  Storing dirty or wet clubs will absolutely cause them to warp or rust.
•    Keep your woods covered.  This will help prevent the buildup of any dirt or dust on your woods as they sit in storage, which can scratch them up or potentially cause them to rust.
•    Golf clubs should be stored standing upright.  This will prevent them from getting tangled and possible dented or bent.  Using a hard-sided travel case for your bag is an easy way to keep your clubs stored standing upright without any fear of your bag falling over.

Climate-controlled storage unit is also perfect for parking your golf cart.  Free up space in your garage without interrupting your routine by choosing the StorageMart facility located nearest your preferred course.  The real benefit will be during the winter, when the extra space in your garage will help save you from scraping ice from your windshield.  Prior to parking your golf cart for the winter you should do the following:

•    Inflate the tires to 20-25 psi.
•    Clean the batteries (both terminals and connectors) thoroughly.  Using a toothbrush to scrub every nook and cranny.  Keeping the batteries clean will help prevent corrosion.
•    Fully charge the batteries before parking a cart for the winter.  If you’re renting a climate controlled storage unit (like you should be), freezing won’t be a problem, but a fully charged battery is much less likely to freeze.
•    Pop back in periodically to give the batteries a quick boost.  Connecting a charger to the cart for two to three hours once a month should ensure a fully charged battery when you take your cart out the following spring.
•    Put the cart in neutral and turn off the ignition.  Block the wheels rather than using the parking brake to reduce strain on the braking system.
•    Roll down the rain curtains, but don’t zip them.  This will prevent a build-up of dust and dirt inside the car, but will still allow for airflow.  Zipping the curtains closed could trap moisture on the interior of the cart, which will lead to mold and mildew.

Golf is a game of precise execution.  You can’t be precise if your tools aren’t in fine working order.  Taking care to store your clubs, cart and other golfing equipment properly is the best way to ensure you’ll be back out on the links and ready to go with the coming of a new spring.