Remove Clutter

3 Steps for Removing Clutter From Your Home

You get home from work after a long day. Exhausted, you hurriedly change into sweatpants and plop down on the couch to veg out for the evening -- only to discover yourself sitting on something distinctly un-couchlike. Perhaps it's a sock or a piece of junk mail you didn't get around to throwing out yet. All you want to do is relax, but you end up spending the better part of your evening just removing clutter.
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Tetris Moving Boxes

Tetris Celebrates 30 Years of Neatly Organizing Stuff

It’s the timeless video game that needs no introduction: with over 170 million copies sold throughout its lifespan, Tetris is ingrained in the minds of people all around the world. We even use it colloquially to refer to the act of manipulating objects to fit into a small area as neatly and snugly as possible in order to avoid wasting space. The more stuff you have, the more important it is to arrange it all carefully.
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This move-in special applies to both new and returning customers. Look for this special when selecting which unit you'd like to hold or rent.