Get a Room and a free t-shirt

Get a Room and a free t-shirt

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are many couples for whom “Get a Room” has been added to this week’s to-do list.  For two New Yorkers, getting a room is a way of life.

Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner are native Californians for whom garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets and even the occasional dumpster dive in search of unique, vintage fashions has been a way of life since childhood.  Now that they’re in New York, they’ve channeled that enthusiasm into a career.

C&C Pop-Up Shop is their mobile, vintage shop.  Popping up in different locations throughout Brooklyn, Candy and Courtney stand out from other thrift shops in that they’re avoiding the overhead of a brick and mortar store and are free to change their aesthetic each time they pop up in a new spot.

One of the main ways Candy and Courtney are available to maintain their inventory is with storage unit auctions.  That’s how these ladies became part of the “Storage Wars: New York” crew and earned a place in the hearts of everyone at StorageMart.

“Storage Wars: New York” is a spin-off of sorts from the popular A&E Network program “Storage Wars.”  Film crews follow a cast of real-life entrepreneurs around the New York City metropolitan area (including filming at StorageMart’s Brooklyn locations) as they engage in the cutthroat world of storage unit auctions.  It’s as a part of the show the world picked up on Candy and Courtney’s slogan of “Get a Room”, meaning to purchase a storage unit at auction.

“Storage Wars: New York” hasn’t, as of right now, been picked up for a 3rd season, but we’re definitely hoping they’ll make that call soon so we can see more of Candy, Courtney, Tad, Chris, Mike, Joe P. and even Big Steve in action.  To show our enthusiasm for the show, our fondness for Candy and Courtney and because Valentine’s Day is coming soon, we’re giving away 50 official C&C Pop-Up Shop “Get a Room” t-shirts, just like the ones sometimes worn by Candy and Courtney on the show.

Get A Room at StorageMart

Want a free t-shirt?  Just be one of the first 50 people to comment on this blog post letting us know which character from any of the “Storage Wars” programs is your favorite.

And if you love the New York version of “Storage Wars” as much as we do, you should tweet A&E and tell them to renew it for a 3rd season @aetv .

Sarah Little (49 Posts)

Sarah Little, Director of Digital Marketing at StorageMart, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She serves as Vice President and on the Board of Directors for the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association and also on the Board of Directors for Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc., both are non-profit groups dedicated to improving the lives of children.


  • Courtney and candy of course (they count as on person right? )

  • My husband and I met the wonderful girls Candy and Courtney last July at a storage auction in Port Chester, NY. They are so much fun and inspired me to take my own similar business one step further. I’m thanksful to them and would LOVE to see them back on the air!!!

  • Candy and Courtney are two wonderful for words! Such wonderful ladies, great sense of style, and I love their antics on the show.

  • My wife and I were at the taping of the show from Port Chester (Westchester county NY) last summer and met Courtney and Candy and Mike B. I have since had several email conversations with Mike and absolutely LOVE the show. I am a BIG FAN and woould love to see it return for a 3rd season. I have since become interested in the buying of storage lockers and gone to several auctions since we visited the show and the taping of it. Please bring back the show for another season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C&C (Courtney n Candy), she reminds me of my sister and I – fearless to sift through garbage in order to find a deal!

  • Candy and Courtney have been the most stable and believable people on all of Storagewars! So many others have tried to create false characters to dazzle and thrill us on the shows! These two ladies are themselves and for real on the show which makes me want to watch Storagewars NY!! I hope the series will be brought back another season!

  • Candy and Courtney are two very talented , enterprising and entertaining women. I would love to see more of them on Storage Wars NY!

  • SW:NY is my favorite… and I kinda have a major crush on Candy

  • Candy & Courtney are my faves but if I had to pick one I gotta go with Candy 😉

  • Candy and Courtney are great, especially to know them in person as well as Joe P. I also wouldn’t mind meeting Barry Weiss- he is a genuine character.

  • Tough choice… I’d have to say Candy and Courtney – I’ve always loved their style! :)

  • Courtney is definitely the best!!! (:

  • I do love Courtney and candy but my all time fave is brandy and Jared !

  • Barry Weiss!
    He knows when a unit is good and makes profit!

  • The girls are the best!!! My kids love the show, my son loves when the ladies come on, mind you he’s only 9! Bring’em back!!!

  • Amore is in the Air to get a Room Tshirt XL.

  • Candy is my fave!

  • Darrell

  • Jared,,,,for sure. But I love both Jared & Brandy! When is the new season!

  • Berry weiss is the best

  • I Love Courtney and Candy… Awesome Girls!

  • Would love one! BIG FAN of C&C, but my favorite is #TheLegend JoeP.

  • Barry Weiss is the coolest. Love his clothes and his awesome vehicles.

  • I like the California one with Brandy and Jerrod, they are my favorite.

  • Love Storage Wars New York! Have known Joe P. for many years! Sell with Courtney & Candy at the BKFlea, they are sweethearts! Keep em coming!!

  • Candy & Courtney are my favs!

  • Barry is my favorite from CA Storage Wars!

  • Candy and Courtney are my faves! They take no crap from any of that ragtag bunch that surrounds them!

  • My favorite from the Original is Darrel, Texas is Roy Williams, New york is Candy n Cortney!

  • Love all the stage wars :p

  • Candy is dandy!!!!!!

  • Love Candy! She reminds me of me! :)

  • Definitly candy and courtney from the new york show …the original show…jared and brandi aremy faves…snd texas edition….lisa and jerry

  • The Flame, of course.

  • Favorite, huh? Candy and Courtney all the way!

  • My favorite person is Barry Weiss, he knows a lot and I like his wisecracks

  • Can’t decide between the two C’s Candy and Courtney…since they are a team they should count as one…lol


  • Ricky & Bubba SWTexas. The best by far

  • Candy and Courtney

  • There are 4 “Storage Wars” show but only two FUN-TAS-TIC stars – Candy Olsen the dancer and Courtney Wagner the laughter. I have had the pleasure of interviewing them both and I was totally blown away by their lives, their dreams, and their humor. If I had one word to describe the duo it would be –


    I admire them both for fighting for their dreams and for never giving in, even when things got rough. To Candy & Courtney – you are special!

  • I absolutely LOVE Mary from SW:Tx and Ursula from SW:Canada!

  • Like Daryl from NY Storage Wars the best!

  • Dave – Yuuuuuupppppppppp!!

  • Courtney she is best she rocks the glasses :-) 😀 B-) 😛 O:-)

  • Courtney and Candy baby!!!!

  • Candy……. x

  • Courtney and Candy

  • When I had my daughter I got hooked on Storage Wars and Barry has always been my favorite. He’s a hoot.

  • I love Candy n Courtney because they can do just as good if not BETTER than all the men out there. The seem super nice but when its work its work no gamed!! THEY ARE AWESOME PEOPLE,!!!!!

  • Courtney and Candy are my favorites :)

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