Pokémon Pestilence Plagues Local Storage Places

  • Pokemon Go Giveaway

This summer StorageMart managers are facing a puzzling pest problem, a pandemic of particularly penetrating pestilence. Potions have had no effect and professional exterminators are powerless. To prevent these potent pests from permanently poisoning places and products, we’re looking for passionate players who are well-practiced in procuring these persistent pawns.

That’s right – we’re pinpointing Pokémon Go pros.

Plenty of our stores are peppered with Pokémon while others were picked as Pokéstops. Pity our professional staff who pledge to provide pristine self storage but plead for a powerful placating of the Pokémon presence. Please place your Pokémon pics shot at StorageMarts (like the sample above) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #StorageMartClean. We'll publicly praise two premium Pokémon Go photographers with $100 Google or Apple gift cards, a prize for helping us protect our clean image.

This promotion will end on a Tuesday, August 23rd so start producing proliferous posts of PokémonGo at StorageMarts today! We'll pronounce the winners on social media on Friday, August 26th.*


*StorageMart employees and family members are not eligible.

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