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Customer Finds A Place At The Table At His Airdrie Storage Unit

Though “easy” and “clean” are the words customers use most to describe their experience at StorageMart, they often share how friendly and helpful their store manager is – by name.

“The best thing I like about my job is having the opportunity to make people smile,” said Bruce Ruppel, a StorageMart manager for about two years. “Every day I have the chance to make someone’s life a little easier with an Airdrie storage unit.”


Many Jobs to Make Customers Smile

Serving people well is a skill Bruce embraces every day at StorageMart. As a former truck driver, construction worker, retail employee and owner of a photography studio, Bruce has had plenty of opportunities to treat people well. “Every client deserves the best service I have to offer,” he says enthusiastically. And his dedication often leads to even richer stories.

“One of my clients was going through a difficult time. He was in the process of moving his belongings from a larger unit into a smaller one near the end of the day. I wished I could do more for him. I asked him, ‘I get off work in about 20 minutes and I’m going to cook up a whack of spaghetti – would you like to join me?’ He did and we had a great talk for more than an hour. I really got to know him much better,” said Bruce, who lives at the Airdrie StorageMart location.


Going Above and Beyond

Though Bruce doesn’t feed his customers on a regular basis, he walks the extra mile for all of his customers. “All of my folks deserve ‘executive treatment’ and I give it to them daily. It starts with a smile as they come through the door,” said Bruce, who rented storage space for a few months when he moved from Manitoba to Alberta.

Whether it’s a kind word or help to choose what size unit would fit his clients best, Bruce knows that helping people starts at home. “Though my children are grown up now, they still call and ask for my advice now and then,” he beams. “It feels great knowing that they still value what I can do for them.”

If there’s an Airdrie storage unit in your future, Bruce has just the recipe, whether you are storing for one room or more.

photo credit: Bruce Ruppel through the eyes of his artist brother, Randy Ruppel.