Thinking Green on Earth Day: Self Storage on Solar Energy

  • StorageMart is a leading proponent of using solar panels on storage buildings.

StorageMart Promotes Green Energy Usage

Earth Day is just around the corner, and it is a reminder of our commitment to decreasing our carbon foot print through the installation and implementation of green and renewable energy solutions. StorageMart's rooftop foot print is in excess of 12.5 million square foot, equalling around 298 acres of space. With the abundance of rooftops, installing solar panels is a logical step in doing our part to be environmentally conscious. We currently have facilities with installed solar panels in Ontario, Minnesota, California, and Sussex. Solar energy generated by the panels is able to offset the use of fossil fuels by a significant amount. For example, for five StorageMart facilities that have implemented solar panels in California, the combined solar system will total 175 kW (kilowatts), capable of producing 5,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) during the course of their usage. Using solar-generated electricity to provide about 90% of the power used by these five StorageMart locations will, over the lifetime of their usage, offset greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving a car approximately 8,000,000 miles and carbon dioxide emissions akin to burning nearly 4,000,000 pounds of coal. But how do solar panels do this?

How Do Solar Panels Work? How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are becoming more and more common on the rooftops of businesses and homes, but how do they work? At the basic level, solar panels are comprised of solar cells comprised of a "sandwich" of semi-conductive material, usually silicon, with a top layer with a negative charge and the bottom layer with a positive charge. This creates an electric field between the two layers. When photons in the sunlight hit the electrons knocking them free, the electric field pushes the electrons to a series of conductor plates that convert the energy in to electricity that is transferred to wires to be used like any other electric source.

You can find ways to help the environment by doing your part to recycle what you can. You can also try some upcycle projects to reuse old items. Part of finding what can be reused or recycled is cleaning up those cluttered areas in and around your home. If you find you need some extra space, consider renting a self storage unit. Our handy sizing guide will help you find the right sized unit to fit your needs.

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