How to Hold a Storage Unit

  • You can hold a unit for 24 hours or reserve a unit online

Reserve a Storage Unit, or Hold One For Free

We get it. Sometimes you know you need something, but you want to be extra sure before making the plunge. The idea of renting a storage unit probably seems like a simple one, but that doesn't mean it should be without thought. Finding the right size, the right location, and the right amenities can make a huge difference in convenience down the road. It's okay to take a few extra hours to decide on a storage unit. After all, your belongings will be calling it home for a while. With StorageMart, you'll have a couple different options. You can reserve a unit or you can hold one for free, but holding a unit doesn't guarantee that unit. Reserving a unit locks it down under your name.

Reserve a Storage Unit

Reserving a storage unit is the best way to ensure that you get the unit you want. Reserving a unit online or over the phone is easy and fast. If you're using the online method:

  1. Navigate to Search for your location using a city or zip code. 
  2. Select your desired location. The address of each store is shown next to the store image on the left side column.
  3. You can pick a featured unit, or see all available units at that store by clicking on the button below the units.
  4. Once you decide on a unit, click "select unit" 
  5. Fill out the information and choose "Rent Online." You can reserve the unit with or without payment, although payment will be due within 72 hours to keep the unit, or by your check-in day, whichever comes sooner.

Hold a Storage Unit

The other option after filling out your information is to Hold For Free. This will hold the unit for 24 hours, giving you time to decide for sure on the unit you want. When you're ready, you can complete your rental using the button in the confirmation email that is sent when you hold a unit. This makes it convenient to pick up the rental process where you left off, but be aware that holding a unit is not the same as reserving a unit. If all units of the type that you held are rented, then the unit will be gone. Take the extra step and reserve to ensure you get the unit you want.

Both of these options are available to you when you rent with StorageMart. While reserving a unit is ideal, as it ensures you'll get that unit, we understand that making a decision on which storage unit can take a little longer, and shouldn't be made lightly, as your items may be staying there for an extended time. If you need help choosing a unit size, call the store to speak to a storage expert, or check out this self storage size guide..

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