Deer-Resistant Plants and Shrubs

Deer are so beautiful and graceful. But they delightful when you see them munching on your plants, shrubs, and flowers.

You can still have a lovely lush garden if you make a few smart choices. Many plants are unpalatable to deer because of their poisonous compounds and fuzzy or aromatic leaves. Deer also don’t like tough, spiny, or bristly textures.

Keep in mind that while no plant is deer proof, there are some deer resistant plants.

Best Deer Resistant Plants

• Butterfly bush has lovely honey-scented blooms. It grows as high as 10 feet tall and boasts blooms of purple, pink, and white.
• Deer avoid the ever-popular garden staple, spirea, which has abundant clusters of pink, white, or red flowers.
• Cinquefoil is one of the best shrubs for season-long color. It has saucer-shaped blooms that last from June through September. Even better? Deer don’t like its blue-green foliage.
• Junipers have many uses in the garden, from groundcover to accent plantings to privacy screens. Deer don’t like the oil in the plant’s needles.
• Deer will almost always avoid poisonous plants such as daffodils, foxglove, and poppies.
• Lavender, sage, salvias, peonies, and bearded iris are also avoided due to their strong scents.
• Deer will usually turn up their noses at prickly plants such as lamb’s ear and sunflowers.
• A favorite deer-resistant perennial are bleeding hearts. It is an antique plant that can grow 10 to 18 inches tall. Bleeding hearts boast clusters of pink heart-shaped flowers that grow over clumps of ferny blue green foliage.

The good news is that other critters (we’re talking to you rabbits) will often avoid the above plants, flowers, and shrubs as well.

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