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What Type of Padlock is Most Secure?

When someone decides to rent a storage unit, many factors affect their decision to lease the extra space. Understandably, customers have many questions before they rent. 

How much will the storage unit cost? 

Can I move into my unit today? 

Will I have 24/7 access to my unit? 

All these questions are important when investing in a self storage unit. But the one question that is usually the most important for anyone looking to rent a unit: Will my belongings be safe 

For maximum security, the type of lock you choose for your unit will make quite a difference. 

Types of Locks

There are a few different types of locks that people purchase to secure their storage units. The cheapest option is a combination lock that is usually around $7. There are various combination locks but the most common is the turn dial lock that’s used on school lockers. 

While combination locks are useful for small lockers such as a gym locker, they can very easily be picked and are not recommended to secure your important belongings in your unit. 

Aside from combination locks, there are also various styles of key locks. While these are more secure than combination locks, they can also be picked or cut with bolt cutters.  

So, what is your best option for a padlock? 

Best Heavy-Duty Padlock

The best heavy-duty padlock to purchase for your unit is a disc or discus padlock. 

What is a disc lock for a storage unit? Disc locks are heavy-duty locks in the shape of a disc that are designed to make it nearly impossible for thieves to pick using shims or something similar.

Not only are disc locks unbreakable by anything short of a power grinder, they’re cheap too. As mentioned before, combination locks sell for about $7, while you can get a disc lock for your self storage unit for just $12. That’s a $5 difference for what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of belongings in your unit. 

Disc locks for storage units are the most effective anti-theft deterrent you can buy. If you’re currently using a standard combination padlock, we encourage you to make the upgrade to a disc lock. 

Lock Up Your Storage Unit the Right Way

We have more than 200 clean, well-lit storage facilities throughout the US, Canada, and UK, that sell these locks at most locations. We highly encourage our tenants to put them on their units as an extra level of security, in addition to our camera surveillance systems and gated properties. Check out our Self Storage Calculator and find a perfect unit near you!