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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys and Girls

Sure, you could order your child’s costume online or head to a party store to pick one up. But making your own DIY Halloween costume can be way more fun—and result in a way more creative trick-or-treating ensemble.

And you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull these looks off. Keep reading to check out easy DIY costumes for both boys and girls.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

• Turn your boy into a little lumberjack with just a pair of jeans, flannel shirt, suspenders, ¼ yard of fleece (to make a beard), a broomstick (to make an axe), a beanie hat, cardboard, silver spray paint, and hot glue.
• Need DIY Halloween costumes for both your boys? All you’ll need to transform them into the Super Mario Bros  is some overalls and bright red and green shirts—and a couple of fake mustaches, of course.
• Your little guy will be both adorable—and warm—in a fleece ghost get-up. The supplies you’ll need include a couple of yards of white fleece to make a poncho-style costume, plus some black felt to make the ghost face and fabric glue.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

• Let your little darling show her sweet side with this cupcake costume by Make it Yours by Melissa. For this DIY Halloween costume you’ll need an old round laundry basket, poster board, some white fabric, fiber fill, and just a few other items.
• This adorable spelling bee costume doesn’t require much more than black tights, a black leotard, and yellow duct tape—and the result is as clever as it is cute.
• Bring your little one down to earth with this woodland fairy costume. It may look elaborate, but there is no sewing required to complete this beautiful look.

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