How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside

Nobody wants to be the neighborhood Grinch—that one house without even a single Christmas light, wreath, or inflatable Santa.

But, while it’s fairly easy to send out holiday cards or bake Christmas cookies, outdoor decorations take serious effort.

And this isn’t the time to take short cuts.

Here’s how to get the job done, without ending up in an emergency room.

The Best Way to Hang Christmas Lights on House

Like we just said, this isn’t the time to take shortcut. Below are some tips you’ll want to consider when hanging Christmas lights outside.

• If you’re using a ladder, you should have someone hold the ladder for you. Even more importantly, you should never reach from a ladder. Instead, take the time to come down and reposition the ladder.
• Use only outdoor lights and extension cords. Again, it’s tempting to save time and just use whatever you can find. But outdoor lights and cords have that designation for a reason. They’re made to withstand the elements and hold up over time.
• Consider a switch to LED lights. Because they use less energy, you can connect more sets end to end safely.
• Get rid of any strands of lights that are frayed or damaged.
• Use plastic hooks specifically designed to hang Christmas lights. Using staples can cause damage and also create an electrical hazard.

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