Traveling for Work Tips

You’re out of town on business, but that doesn’t mean that your own life has to be put on hold. You can still get the job done—and stay on top of your goals.

Keep reading for tips on traveling for work that will help you get your projects done, connect with family, and stay healthy while on the go.

Expert Tips on Traveling for Work

Plan for the Plane

Some things you can do on the plane (review reports or compose emails) and some things you can’t (phone conferences). Plan your time on the plane so you can actively work and get a few things nailed down. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to take the time you need to unwind and relax.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t just happen when you’re out of town—you have to plan for it.

That could mean bringing healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars, or even fruit, or it could mean making healthy choices from room service. When ordering breakfast, for example, swap your fried potatoes for fruit and ask for whole-wheat toast rather than white. Choose the salmon instead of pizza. Order your burger with veggies instead of fries.

The point is that you can’t view travel as a free pass to eat badly, especially if you travel frequently. You’ll feel better—and probably be more productive—if you fuel your body properly.

Get Moving

Let’s face it: There’s rarely two free hours to hit the gym while travelling. Sometimes you need to get downright creative to keep in shape. Waiting for your flight? You can get an easy half-mile in just walking up and down your concourse for a few minutes.

Once you get to your room, it doesn’t take a lot of space—or a lot of time—to get a workout in. There are so many great apps these days, including 7 Minute Workout Challenge, Sworkit, and even Map My Run if you prefer to get outside and hit the pavement.

Even better? A treadmill in your hotel room. While this is not always available, more and more hotel chains are experimenting with mini gyms in hotel rooms. If that sounds good to you, it’s worth asking about.

Give Yourself a Break

You work hard when you’re out of town. Make sure to build in some time for yourself. If you’re in Miami, that could mean a walk along the beach. If you’re in Chicago, that might mean a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago.

You might also enjoy blocking two hours out of your schedule to video chat with your family, followed by a nice room service meal, maybe a glass of wine, and a movie.

Even better? Pack a book you’ve been meaning to read and settle in, knowing you won’t be interrupted by anyone.

Traveling for Work Tips Built for You

Travelling frequently for work can be exhausting, but there is one nice thing about a hotel room: You don’t look around and see all kinds of things that need to be done.

There is a way to capture that same feeling at home. Quite simply, you just need to control the clutter, which has been proven by research to be distracting.

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Updated February 10, 2020