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How Big Of A Storage Unit Do I Need?

How big of a storage unit do I need?” The answer is different depending on whether you’ve just had your first baby or are watching the last child leave the nest. Here are some guidelines for thinking smart about storage.

1. Plan

You will make better decisions if you plan for the future. Everyone in the family should have a voice in the conversation about what should go into your storage unit. Store things that have value but that you don’t need every day. Storing memorabilia, holiday decorations, sporting gear, and out-of-season clothing will give you more room at home to enjoy your life. Make a list of what you want to store, and take photos as well. When you visit a self storage unit, your list and photos will help you visualize which size unit is right for you. Check out this storage sizing guide for a starting point.

2. Prepare

You can pack your storage unit like sardines in a can if you don’t need to access your things until you move them out. This is often true when you are moving. On the other hand, if you need easy access to your belongings you are storing, make room for rows so you can easily get to all your boxes. Remember to take advantage of vertical storage. You can’t stack couches, but they’ll take up a lot less space stored on their sides. Remove table legs, fill every drawer of furniture and use boxes that are the same size so you can maximize your storage unit’s space.

3. Professionals

You’ll receive the most accurate estimate of how much space you need by speaking to a storage professional. The StorageMart staff serves thousands of customers every month and have the experience to help you easily determine the right amount of storage that fits your needs. They’ll also help you determine if a climate controlled unit is best for your things.

Whether you rent a unit as small as a closet or as large as a two-car garage, the extra space you’ll gain at home will make your life easier.

Looking for tips on how to organize your storage unit? Check out our tips for organizing your unit!