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How to Take Care of Your Antique Wood Furniture

My, how things have changed since the days of our grandparents!

Don’t you remember her with a mop, buckets, rags, and feather dusters? Sometimes it feels like the only things we use to clean today are antibacterial wipes and Swiffers.

You can get away with that slapdash approach to cleaning when it comes to your Ikea furniture or the pieces you picked up from Target—because they weren’t meant to last for generations.

But it’s a whole different story when we’re talking about a mahogany grand piano, walnut dining room set, or chestnut armoire. To last, those pieces need to be properly cared for.

Antique Preservation and Cleaning Tips

If an antique is damaged in any way, its value will be diminished. With that in mind, here are a few tips for keeping your antiques in excellent condition.

• Keep away from sun and heat. Direct sunlight will cause your antiques to age prematurely. Never place wood furniture near a heating vent or fireplace, and close curtains when possible.
• Do not “oil” your furniture. It’s a myth that wood will dry out if not conditioned in this way. What will dry your furniture out? Being stored in a hot, dry attic.
• Dust frequently using a soft, slightly dampened cloth.
• Wax your antiques once or twice a year, using a high-quality furniture wax and following the manufacturer’s directions.
• Avoid silicone-based furniture polishes, as they can leave a film that’s hard to remove. • Consult a restoration specialist if you have a valuable antique that needs work. Repairing or refinishing a piece the wrong way can destroy its value.

Antique Wood Furniture and StorageMart

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