How to Decorate a Patio on a Budget

How Do You Decorate a Small Outdoor Patio?

Do you have an outdoor space that currently looks bland and boring? The good news is that there are all sorts of fun ways to spruce up your patio. Here are some of our favorite backyard patio ideas and covered patio ideas.

Create a Comfy Place to Sit

When designing your backyard patio, keep in mind that there are all sorts of options that look cute without costing a lot. Check out furniture sales during winter or look for used items online. Remember, patio designs should take into account the size of the furniture. A small space may only need a chair or a few ottomans, while a large space might need a table and some loungers.

Add Something to Provide Visual Interest

The key to taking a patio from good to great is adding a showpiece that draws the eye. Some great small patio ideas include an herb garden mounted on the wall, lights strung over a railing, or a few cute sculptures. For bigger patios, firepits, fountains, or a trellis can be all be great showstoppers.

Bring in Some Color

Finally, make your patio pop with color. Pick a unified color scheme and start decorating. You can spray paint plain terracotta pots and fill them with colorful blooms or throw some bright pillows on your furniture. These are just a few colorful patio ideas. You are really only limited by your imagination.

With these tips, you will find that patio decor does not have to be expensive or time consuming. All you need to make a big impact are some bold plants and stylish decor. If you are in need of space for any extra pieces of outdoor furniture, you can find storage units that can hold your belongings.