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How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter

The vast majority of us can think of way more fun ways to spend the day than cleaning. But, at the same time, we all know how good it feels to have a fresh and tidy home.

It’s time, then, to stop procrastinating and start cleaning. You know when you’re done, you’ll feel as great as your house looks!

6 Tips: How to Stop Procrastinating and Clean

Sure, you could spend the next three hours on Pinterest or playing video games. You could also use that time to get your house sparkling. Here are a half dozen tips to motivate you to make the right choice.

Have a To Do List

Research tells us that every time you cross an item off a to-do list, you get a little hit of the feel-good chemical, dopamine. So, instead of just telling yourself that you’re going to clean the whole house (a daunting proposition), break the task down into manageable chunks on your list. Then, when you vacuum the bedroom or clean your sink, you can check off a box and get a mini-reward that keeps you going.

Make a Habit Tracker

Research also tells us that we all have a limited amount of willpower. If you already went running, paid bills, and ate a salad for lunch, you might not have enough discipline left to choose cleaning over, say, watching Netflix.

One way to hack the process is to make cleaning a habit instead of a choice. By using a habit tracker like this one, you can set daily tasks like wiping the counters, putting your clothes away, and making the bed. Eventually, those tasks will become habits and will no longer require discipline or motivation to carry out.

Embrace a New Scent

Treat yourself to a diffuser and a few bottles of essential oil. Spruce is known to be motivating, while lavender is both uplifting and relaxing. Peppermint is a stimulant and could inspire you to tackle just one more room. Rosemary is good for focus and concentration. Whatever scent you choose, know that it’ll make each room of your home smell fantastic, especially when clean!

Re-Arrange Your Space

Take a look at your space and brainstorm a new way of configuring your furniture. The change of scenery may be just what you need to put a spring in your step and a dust cloth in your hands.

Throw a Party

The ultimate motivator, as we all know, is fear. Plan a party for the not-to-distant future and the fear of your friends seeing your mess is certain to light a fire. Sure, your closets and bedrooms might still be a bit of a mess, but at least your main living space will get a good once-over.

Tackle Clutter

You can vacuum and dust all you like, but if your home is still cluttered, it will never look good. As you clean, make sure you put equal effort into controlling the clutter. Not sure how? Check out these three easy steps to decluttering.

Motivation to Clean & StorageMart

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