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How to Pack Wine Glasses

Just the thought of packing can be stressful, and when you start to get into all the weirdly shaped items and delicate dishware, it can get overwhelming quickly. But there’s no need to worry. Packing items like wine glasses can be easy if you have a plan before you start. We’re here to share our tips for packing wine glasses from start to finish so that they make it to your new home in one piece. 

Tips for How to Pack Glasses for Moving

The first step is to gather your supplies. The supplies we recommend using for proper wine glass packing are packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, dish pack partition kit with dividers, foam glass pouches, and a dish pack box. We offer these items for purchase at all of our self storage locations, so stop by the office and our storage experts will be happy to get you set up with everything you’ll need for a safe move. 

The second step is to prepare your supplies. This means securely taping the bottom of the box and assembling the dish pack dividers. To assemble the dish pack dividers, simply connect the individual cardboard pieces with the cut outs (see video for a visual demonstration). The PackRite dish/glass partition kit comes with three levels of dividers. Lay a piece of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box for an extra cushion, then place the tallest of the three dividers in the box.   

Now it’s time to wrap your wine glasses. Crumple a piece of packing paper, or old newspaper, into the bowl of the wine glass. Next, we recommend the PackRite ribbed foam pouches for glasses, they come in a variety of sizes which is perfect if you have a wide collection of mismatched wine glasses!  

There are two ways you can use the foam pouches to wrap your wine glasses; it really just depends how secure you want your glasses to be during your move. The first way is to place the wine glass into a single pouch, wrap the excess pouch around the glass, then place it in a divider slot in the box. The second way is to follow the first way, but then place another pouch from the opposite side of the glass, then place it into the box. 

After you’ve filled all the divider slots on one layer, place the cardboard pad provided in the partition kit down, add a layer of bubble wrap for cushion, and place the next divider layer. Repeat these steps until your box is full and your wine glasses are packed. Once the last wine glass has been packed, place one more layer of bubble wrap on top, tape the top flaps down with packing tape, and you’re ready to stick your box of wine glasses in your car or moving truck! 

If you need extra help, check out our video tutorial. 

Alternative Wine Glass Packing Method

If you can’t locate a dish pack box or simply don’t have enough wine glasses to fill one, don’t stress! We’ve got an alternative method for you. Here’s what you’ll need: packing paper or old newspaper, bubble wrap, a box, and either glass foam pouches or thick socks and t-shirts.  

For this method, you will need to start with a box. In the past, when my wine glass set was still only four glasses strong, I used a storage cube with a lid, and it worked perfectly! Once you’ve found your box, lay down bubble wrap so the bottom is completely covered. Next, stuff packing paper or old newspaper into the bowl of your wine glass. Then slide your wine glass into two foam pouches – one for each end of the glass. If you can’t find foam pouches, place the wine glass in a pair of thick socks or wrap it in a t-shirt until it is completely ensconced in at least two layers of fabric.  

After you’ve wrapped the wine glasses, place them inside your box, alternating which direction you place them. Fill in any cracks or spaces with leftover bubble wrap and secure the lid. We recommend wrapping tape around the box from each direction to ensure the lid won’t fall off during your move. Once the lid is secured, your wine glasses are ready to move! 

Moving Boxes for Glasses and More

Finding the right packing supplies for all the different items in your house can be a hassle, but we’re here to make moving easy! Come by the office at any of our locations and our storage experts will be happy to show you all the packing and moving supplies you need. From bubble wrap, to tape, to a variety of box sizes — we’ve got you covered! 

And if you need a little more space while you transition from one home to the next, we’re here for you with clean, well-lit storage units available in a range of sizes to fit all needs and budgets. Check out our Self Storage Calculator, then find the perfect self storage unit near you.