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How to Start a Home Organization Business

Start a Home Organization Business in a Few Simple Steps

Home organization services continue to grow in popularity. Many understand that home organization is just one way to eliminate unnecessary stress in the lives of hard-working people, but not everyone has intrinsic organizational skills. If you are a natural at it, then becoming a professional organizer could be a way to not only earn income, but improve the lives of others in your community.

How Much Does an Organizer Make?

The earning potential of a professional organizer will vary based on your region, experience, number of clients, and type of clients. According to PayScale, a personal organizer can expect to earn an average of just over $25 an hour. However, house organizers in larger markets and those with more experience can charge from $40 to $200 per hour. If you want above-average earnings, consider obtaining professional certifications, joining industry organizations, and offering your clients value-added information for free through social media.

How Do I Start an Organizing Business?

As with any small business, there are a few questions to answer before you hang your shingle. In addition to a knack for organizing, you’ll need:

  • A business name
  • Reliable transportation
  • Insurance
  • An online presences
  • Customer reviews/positive testimonials

Consider donating services or doing a giveaway to gather those early reviews that are so critical for a business launch.

Have a plan for managing your business finances and expenses. The more time you put into setting your books up correctly, the more headache you’ll save yourself down the line. If you’re comfortable keeping your own books, then consider a service like Zoho Books because Zoho has a full suite of reasonably priced products to help you manage your business. They’re great because they’re scalable, making it easy to start small and grow their services as your business grows. If you’re at all unsure of your ability to stay on top of your books, hire a professional to help you out.

In addition to your finances, you’ll want a way to keep track of customers and their preferences. When you’re just starting out, a simple spreadsheet will do the trick, but as you grow, that means investing in a Customer Relationship Management tool. Zoho CRM is one option, but there are dozens to choose from. Take advantage of the free trials and find what works for you.

For those in the US, the Small Business Administration can help you navigate some of the decisions regarding what business type works for you and what state and federal registrations or paperwork apply.

Where do we come in to all of this? There will come a time when you might need to store your clients’ belongings. When you do, we’ve got you covered with a variety of storage solutions in the US, Canada, and the UK. We also help small businesses with a place to store their records and even office space when they outgrow their home office. Wherever your new business venture takes you, we’ll be here for you when you need us!