Why Organizing Your Business is Key for Success

There is an inverse correlation between productivity and clutter. Organizing your business enhances employee productivity, safety, and projects professionalism – both internally and externally. In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of organization in the workplace and show you why small business owners can’t afford to let clutter take control. 

Well-Organized Businesses are more Efficient

Physical Organization: When your employees know where to find the items they need to perform their jobs they’ll spend less time searching for things and more time helping you grow your business. So, it’s well-worth your time as a business owner to ensure that your workplace is tidy and organized for maximum productivity. Whether you run your business from home or you rent an office, better organization in the workplace is something you can work toward to improve your bottom line. 

Operational Organization: On the other hand, organizing your business for operational efficiency is equally important for your success. As your company grows and hires more employees, you’ll want to make sure everyone understands their roles, responsibilities, and your expectations for conduct. This will help you prevent duplications of effort, ensure work is completed on time, and maintain positive relationships with your customers.

Well-Organized Businesses are Safer

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that employers in the US pay almost $1 billion dollars per week on workers’ compensation claims alone. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, this figure doesn’t account for the cost of training replacement employees, lost productivity, and lower employee morale. As you think about your workplace, remember to look for potentially hazardous scenarios that could be easily remedied with a little bit of re-organization.

Customers Want to Do Business with Organized Companies

Finally, put yourself in a customer’s shoes for a second. From this perspective, does your company look like a reputable business that you would feel comfortable spending money with? Stacks of clutter, messy desks, boxes piled high… these are all visual cues to customers that you may not take much pride in the products or services you offer. Now, compare your company to your competitors. Based on looks alone, which one would you choose? At StorageMart, we believe so strongly in this concept that we’ve made cleanliness one of our core brand promises

Organizing Your Business is Easy with StorageMart

Sometimes clutter doesn’t indicate a lack of pride at all. The simple truth is that as a business expands, it eventually outgrows its available work space. As a business owner, you could decide to relocate to a bigger space or add a new location. Of course, these solutions could be cost-prohibitive. A more affordable option, however, is to find a clean, friendly self storage unit for businesses. At StorageMart, we offer business storage units in a wide variety of sizes with features like climate-control and 24-hour accessibility. Learn more about our business storage solutions, or find a location near you!